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Things that make me happy on an April morning


Don't worry, no books were harmed during the shooting of this photo -- not even soiled!  What a great little book.  Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, you have every right to be bustin' your buttons and visiting your books wherever and whenever you can!

There are tulips shooting out of the ground in my back yard (and you can just barely see a holllyhock leaf)!

Apparently, I'm not used to so much oxygen going to my brain, so not only did I not get a couple of boxes out to some Cold Turkeys as quickly as I'd have liked, I also did not inform the recipients that they contained a portion of the generous Cara's bounty that they were receiving!  But  Ann posted about receiving hers today and Connie's is sure to arrive soon, and I want you to know who's really responsible for that chewy goodness and all those stir sticks!!

And welcome they are.  The support is just fabulous.  I was lamenting to Ann yesterday that these milestone days of week one and week two -- ones you'd think would be my best -- have been a couple of my worst days so far.  So coming home to a fun package from Connie last night with a nice, congratulatory card, some tea tree toothpicks (I love those!!) and cinnamon Ice Breakers mints was just the pick-me-up that I needed.  Today has been much better.



is that a tulip I see?


There are bound to be rough days ahead - glad you're making your way through them. We're here when you need us! Have a great Saturday. Your looks nice and sunny.


Yay for tea tree oil toothpicks and nice books to read! Keep on hangin' on!


I ditto Norma! My tulips are up too - looks like ours are at the same stage.

Kim/Curlie Girl

YOU HAVE TULIPS! I'm so jealous, if you could see me I would be turning green...lol! It snowed here yesterday, all day, and it stayed on the ground. Sigh. Tulips...ahhhh....


I was wishing we had more bulbs planted...everyone else in the neighborhood has things springing up...I guess I need to get to work this year. Ann's package is terrific and glad you are enjoying the book.

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