Things that make me happy on an April morning
Like a shot


Y'all may have seen my tulip sprout over the weekend.  We had such gorgeous weather that I just had to go poking under the garden covers to see what else might be popping up.  It's way, way early, so I wasn't expecting much, which means that any little greenish thing I saw was cause for great happiness!  I spied the bleeding heart sprouting -- makes my own heart skip a beat as that stuff just rockets out of the ground -- there is much excitement ahead, folks.  (Go ahead and mock me, I don't care.)  Also causing palpitations is the foxglove!  I've never been able to keep that stuff alive from year to year -- 'til NOW!

FirstbathBlockingI hadn't got around to washing St. Brigid since the coffee spill over Easter (which really wasn't that bad, I guess) and I even wore it on Saturday -- it was the PERFECT day for a sweater like that.  But yesterday, it was bath/blocking time for both Opptuna and St. B.  This is the first bath St. B. has ever had a bath and, OMG, was it ever dirty!  I filled and emptied the sink, squeezing out dirty water three times!  Man, I still love those cables.

Blocking1The little Opptuna was fun to pin out.  I kinda did my own thing while knitting and ended up using every inch of the Silk Garden -- which means I have nothing left for I-cord ties.  I even used a different yarn to seam the hood.  I'm not sure what I'll end up using -- ribbon or even a big, funky shoelace?  I have some shopping to do!

While St. B. soaked yesterday, I ran to Target with my mom and stepdad to consult on new eyeglass frames for him.  I am in desperate need of new glasses myself, so they helped me, too.  It's always nice to have someone to help because I can't see a thing when choosing for myself.  I've been surprised before -- frames look different at 2" away from the mirror (that's how close I have to get to see what they look like when I'm choosing) than they do at a normal viewing distance!  We chose some very cute, very different, very expensive frames for me (his weren't bad at all, of course!).  I may have to reconsider, but ultra-thin lenses, no-line bifocal, anti-glare coating, and sun clip add up no matter what.  I may suck it up this time and just have the lenses re-done and order a new sunclip for my current glasses, even though I'm not particularly happy with how things went at the last place.

Ai was quick to note that the cost of my new glasses (including the $125 package savings) is the same as her prom dress.  She'll wear the dress once (this weekend!) and I wear my glasses every single day.  I know I shouldn't have a problem with this, but I always do.  Can you buy eyeglass frames on ebay?



Target has glasses too?! Interesting. I don't know about eBay, but Costco does, and my sister says they're nice and cheap. But like you, I get the thinner lenses -- so far no bifocals, but all the extras really do add up. I've been delaying for years now, and I'm going to have to give in sometime soon. I usually wear my contacts when out where I'm going to be seen, but these days I'm more lazy and inclined, for comfort, to just leave on the new lenses and frames are in order for me too. Ergh.


It is so exciting when spring comes around and little green things start growing again, can't wait to see all your lovely garden pics this year.
I need new glasses too, as I cracked the frame, but here I have to see an Opthamologist and most have a 3 month waiting for an appointment. So I am wearing them with a blob of superglue holding them together, luckily I only wear them to watch television and drive.


I wear my glasses from the minute I wake up until the minute I go to sleep. That's how I rationalize the $300+ I usually spend on frames/lenses. I go for the thin lenses too. They sit on my face, for pete's sake, it's the first thing everyone sees. I want my glasses to be exactly what I want - money be damned! ;-)

Spring is rumored to be making an appearance here tomorrow. I'll believe it when I see it.


You are lucky with the foxglove, it's not too hardy. And I always kill my bleeding heart but I think my soil is wrong fot that one because it does try for rebirth in spring. I'm not replanting either because it's my new cat's first spring outside and so far she's tried to nibble on anything green in the garden and both bleeding hearts and foxglove are poisonous. Sometimes, it's like having a toddler around again! I got the book, too.

Mary Beth

St. Brigid looks as stunning as ever! I wear glasses every day, too. I would love to have a bunch to switch around, but they are so expensive!


I'm in complete agreement with Cara. If the cheap frames looked good on me, I'd get them in a heart beat. Unfortunately, that's never the case and I wear them every minute of every day. And a good pair will last you for years.

I look forward to seeing more photos of the garden.


You must get the glasses. The thinner lenses and the anti-glare will make a huge difference. And, Cara is right, you wear them everyday, all day - they must be the best!


I think you could even get away with no I-cord ties on Opptuna. I've been considering leaving them off because I think their main function will be to get chewed by my son, but I still have the hood and both sleeves to do, so I might end up changing my mind.

Didn't you spill coffee on poor St. Brigid? That, and her busy social schedule, are probably the cause of the dirty water. Still, it's kind of scary to see how dirty something really is when you didn't think it was *that* bad! ;-)

Shall we see the new glasses soon? I hate buying them, too, because I never can tell how they will look. Maybe the solution is to bring the digital (or Polaroid) camera and have someone take photos of you wearing the glasses, so then you can look at the photos and decide. Heck, in Target, I bet you could get the photos printed right then and there!


OK, here's my glasses philosophy: I treat them like jewelry. I have to wear them all the time, so they ought to be nice. I try to buy a new pair each year. I have three nice pairs, different styles and colors, and then I have a generic wire-rimmed pair for schlumping around the house. You should treat yourself well, Vicki. You deserve a reward for not smoking 2+ weeks, doll. Get the nice glasses. Don't suck it up and just replace the lenses in your old ones. Cool glasses all the way, baby!


Just think how much money you're saving by not smoking! And I think you deserve a treat just for that. Hey, even your daughter has the right idea - you'll wear them every single day.


OK, OK. I admit it. I will finally admit it. I am massively jealous of your gorgeous St. Brigid.


I never wanted to shell out the money for glasses, because I usually wear contacts and figured why bother!

Last year I finally caved and treated myself to real nice frames, the featherweight lenses (ie the works.) What a difference! I would actually been seen outside in these, whereas the others I'd sooner stumble around blind. More at first, but in the end they make you feel so much better about yourself. Plus I like the prom analogy - you'll use them so much more often.


Your St. Brigid is gorgeous. Get the glasses, you'll enjoy them everyday. I used to have vision just the way you described yours. I over a 5 yr. period have had both done. It was the best thing I've ever done for myself. They aren't perfect, but I really love being able to see the alarm clock from bed.


If you spend the money on the glasses you really want, you'll never look in the mirror and think "ugh, I spent so much money on these!". But if you buy something less expensive that you are not thrilled with, every day you will look in the mirror and think "ugh, why did I not spend a little more to buy the ones I loved?"


you've done an amazing job with that cable knit sweater. Truly impressive hon.

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