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Give me your opinion.  I'm sorry that you have to look up my nose and that you can count every eyebrow hair and pore in order to do it.  I might be really sorry that I'm even doing this.  What the hell.  FYI:  The glasses that I've been wearing for the past year and a half are kind of right in between the Large & Small Ovals shown below.  I need new ones.

Which do you prefer? Large Oval:

Largeoval1 Largeoval2

Small Oval:




You may vote once; the poll will end sometime Tuesday night.  I'll leave the poll about possible braces, botox, dermabrasion, collagen, haircolor, etc. for another day.   ; )

The poll has been moved to the left sidebar and I think it's going to work over there.  Thanks!



The poll didn't work for me - said it was no longer available - but I'm going with the Large Oval. I'm not so sure they are the best looking - but YOU look the happiest and most relaxed in the picture. It either them or the Rectangle ones.

Sorry if that's not much help. I wear glasses every waking second of every day - still don't know what looks good on me!


I couldn't vote either, but I like the small oval ones.


I voted. Love the rectangular.


Definitely rectangular.


I was torn between large oval and rectangular but I think it is because I like your smile the best in the large oval but I ultimately chose rectangular.


I just wanted to tell you that I picked the small oval because...for one the eyeball should be directly in the center of the lense...they look very good. I think you would also look great with the rectangular shape if they were smaller.
Good luck!



You're into week six...I'm so proud! (As a former smoker I claim the right to personal pride in anyone I know...even online...who makes a break with cigarettes.) I'm waiting for the day dh tells me he's ready to quit...



OOOh the rectangular is gorgeous on you. It contrasts nicely with the oval shape of your face! (My mom and sister always have me help them pick new glasses. It is so hard to judge for yourself.)

Congrats on week six!


I chose Large Oval, and clearly I'm not in the majority. But I think the Rectangle ones work too. The Small Oval ones are all wrong, they're too narrow for your face.

Amy Lu


I like the size of the small oval. But I like the shape of the rectangle on you better. You are too cool for plain oval glasses. Did you see any smaller rectangle glasses when you were looking?

And how bad is your eyesight? Because if your lenses would look thicker in a rectangle than an oval. (I speak from experience, mine are thicker than the bottom of a Coke bottle.)

Good luck!

General Ginger

The rectangular ones compliment your face much better than the others. :)


Rectangle is my vote. I just ordered a pair last Friday. they will be my first pair of bifocal/progreesive lenses. I have been wearing a small oval for awhile. My new ones are rectangle with no frame on the bottom. I think the rectangle ones look very stylish on you. :)


Hi Vicki,

I like the rectangular ones very much :-)


Large oval is nice, small oval is harsh, rectangular is just right. Intriguing, even.

Janice in GA

I voted for large oval. The rectangular ones make it looks like your eyes tilt downward at the outside edges. The large oval ones frame your eyes nicely. The small oval ones make your eyes looke like they're too close together.
I go through agonies whenever I have to pick new glasses. I'm too nearsighted to be able to see what I look like when the frames don't have lenses in them. Somehow you just don't get the right perspective when your nose is 2" from the mirror.


I vote for the large oval, very complimentary and stylish. :)

Mary Beth

You crack me up! What a CLEVER idea. But I was surprised to see that my vote was NOT with the majority...Hmmm, do I need new glasses too?


I really like the rectangular frames. They're more interesting than the oval ones, and make your face light up. Are they purple?


The large oval glasses look most natural, so I like them the best. The small ones look too granny-ish (nothing against grannies!) The rectangle ones are ok.


I went with the large oval too. Good idea to do a poll.


The poll worked for me and I voted for the large oval --- although my opinion may have been swayed by your smiling face. It is hard to be sure --- I tried to look past that, but can't honestly say if it worked!


I went rectangular; though it's not surprising that people are swayed by a smiling face.


Go for the rectangulars, Vicky!


Small oval, small oval!! See what I get for not blogging on the weekend...I'm soooo behind. Love the booties and the cake story.
Pssst (my two front teeth cross too!!!!!)


The large oval!! Tho the rectangles are a strong 2nd. How wise you are to post this - I will have to do the same next time I replace my frames.

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