Like a shot

DuncMickey and Roxie wanted to go out and Scamp wanted to come in last night and while I had the door open, little Duncan was out like a shot!  He's been going out a little here, a little there -- during the day -- but this was his first jailbreak outing in the dead of night.  He ran out so fast that I didn't even see which way he went!  I called several times before I went up to bed, came back down and called some more after I'd read for a while.  No Duncan.

I was very relieved when DH carried the little scoundrel upstairs and put him in my arms this morning!  He purred and cuddled for a minute, then ran off to see what his housemates were up to!  The pic is from over the weekend -- sometimes he's so relaxed, he just lays in your arms like that (in this pic, he's already starting to "unlax" a bit).  I'm going to have to get out the tape measure next time -- it's amazing how long this tiny little kitty is!

Never mind that the consensus is to get the glasses I want -- I wear them everyday, I deserve to have nice ones, etc.  I called my local eye doc's office (where I got my last pair) to see how much replacement lenses would be -- $260!  Add another $50, at least, for a replacement sunclip and it doesn't take a genius to figure out that a whole brand spankin' new pair with all the bells and whistles is definitely the way to go.  I like to have at least one back-up pair -- two is better (one at home, one in my car) -- so I'm doing it!  My appointment isn't 'til the 21st, though, so I'll be lucky to have them before May.  Thanks for all your advice and reasoning -- and encouragement to treat myself right!

I'm still working on Goldie's sleeves.  I'm nearly finished with the increases and it shouldn't take too long after that.  My visit to the Isle of Sleeve seems to be long, but it'll be nice that they'll both be finished and exactly the same!  After that, it's just the collar.  So far, I've been very good at sticking to my unproclaimed plan to at least finish the knitting of Goldie before casting on anything else.

Ann, you'll be happy to know that the Cold Turkey Chicken Viking Hat has been getting some use 'round here.  It was Hat Day at the middle school yesterday...  I know y'all want one, so join the knit-along!



Yes, definitely go for the glasses that you "really" want. It took me until I was 45 to realize that glasses can be FUN...not just functional. They're on my face "all day, everyday"...might as well enjoy them. :grin:


Yeah for new glasses! I always feel like a new pair of glasses is just like getting a makeover. I love catching my new look in windows and stuff. Can't wait to see them!


I'm glad you are opting to get what you want :)

Mary in Boston

Phew!!! So relieved that Duncan came home okay...funny how they worry us so much.

My own little cat, Manny, somehow got out last Friday night...when it was pouring rain...I didn't realize he was out until I got up Saturday morning and couldn't find him...boy was I upset.

It was still pouring rain...I started yelling in the house for him and I could hear him meowing outside...he was hiding in the bushes...soaking wet...poor kitty...

But he still wants to go out.

I don't know how you make a cat an 'indoor" cat...mine all insist on going out.

I'm gonna have to break down and get the bifocal lenses this year....*weeps* but I'm gonna be sure to get exactly what I want...so glad to hear that you're going to do that too!


I'm glad to hear you're getting the glasses you want - it's such a permanent accessory!

I'm also thrilled to hear about the cold turkey hat - is it wrong to assume that it was the only one in the school?

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