I'm getting there

I'm not myself today...

...maybe I'm you!  Kt was big into buttons a few years ago and that saying was on one that she had.  I wore it one year on April Fool's Day.  I could be wearing it today, too.  It's just one of those days.

Was there something in my soup?  My local book club met last night and, even though I didn't read either book (in fact, just finished the book for the previous meeting, which I didn't even make), I went and had a good time.  I always do.  It's as much about the socializing as anything.  I've known and drank partied bitched socialized with some of these women for 20+ years before book club was even a twinkle in anyone's eye, and some I've only known for the 4 years we've been meeting like this.  Anyway, it was not a late night, I didn't drink or party (I may have bitched a little), and I had only soup and onion rings to eat.  I'm no stranger to the snooze button on my alarm, but it was very different this morning; I don't ever have to drag myself out of bed and to work like I did this morning.

I thought of Kt's button because somehow, in my blog/'net tripping this morning, I came across this book:  I'm Not The New Me, by Wendy McClure.  It looks like a very interesting book -- I love memoirs -- and a subject not unfamiliar to me.  Has anyone read this book and have anything to say?

There has been some very interesting blogging to think about this week, too.  By no means definitive, the list includes Juno and Margene and Cassie and Annie and Sandy.  Can I just say that I totally agree with Juno about "blogland" -- everything.

Thank you to Margene, too, for giving The Cold Turkey Grrls the Weekly Zen nod this week.  It was four weeks ago today that I stubbed out my last butt.  It's been both easy and hard; bloggers have had a huge hand in making it easier.  Thanks to all of you!



And thank you for the shout out. Juno's post really said how great Blogland is. A friend of mine quit smoker 8 months ago. She says she's now smober.


Can totally relate.
I too LOVE my monthly book group. I swear, it's not an excuse to drink to much...really(my mantra to my husband LOL)


Those four weeks flew by ! Very well done.You have every right to feel proud.I once read somewhere that nicotine was as hard to quit as heroin !The cold turkey isn't as bad,I should imagine,but the addiction is as strong.


Hey, thanks for the mention! I'm touched that you included me in with the others. :)


Actually, I posted my post today because of you. Really. I thought, if Vicki can quit smoking and be honest and up front about it, I can quit the food! ;)
We really ARE all in this together. And with each other, I have no doubt that we will overcome!
Shall I start chanting a song now??
I wish I had a book club!


Four weeks is a very long time. Way to go!

And thanks for saying I thought about something. I feel like my brain has been off for weeks.


YEAH for four weeks! YEAH for knitblogland! YEAH for you!

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