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I'm getting there

Goldie6Goldie7So, I think I'm on the fourth (and let's say final) start for these sleeve caps.  You'd think I could do it with my eyes closed, but no, it was with eyes wide open that I made all the dumb mistakes; eyes are open.  I do like the nice curve of a short-rowed armhole, don't you?  I ripped, grabbed correct needles, and started again.  I worked the sleeves separately for the decreases, and now they're back in sync and (knocking on wood) I think I'm on the home stretch.  I have to say, with working this over and over, and with learning (over and over) from my mistakes, I am feeling the process -- it was kind of like that the first time I knit this sweater and what keeps me from chucking it in a corner and starting something else.

Tote1Tote2It was Mdd who hauled the mosaic table out to the deck last weekend -- where it belongs!  It's another gorgeous morning (I'm thinking that we could probably use some rain, though), so I hauled stuff outside for photos.  This is the Tostetoes Drawstring Bag that Ann sent the other day.  Will you look at all those pockets!!  I have not sewn one of these, nor have I even looked at the directions, but I can tell that there's some serious measuring and precise placement of circles and stitching lines in order for this to work properly.  Ann did a wonderful job.  For some reason, I especially love the drawstring itself, and its tassles.  Obviously, there's no knitting in the bag yet, but it's very handy for other goodies!

BookSnowdropsI bought two books from Leigh that she had listed on ebay recently and they arrived in the mail the other day, too.  I have only had a chance to flip through quickly, so I'm looking forward to a good look and picking out a few things that I'd like to make for baby.  There are only about 7 weeks to go; her doc said that if she went into labor anytime after Mother's Day, though, they weren't going to try and stop it.



That sweater is beautiful!! And will be so worth all the extra effort and time you took to do it right. I have flip flops on today!! It's beautiful and spring has certainly sprung.


did you make that table?? I ~love~ it!! glad you like the bag - I need to make one for myself. Wish I could take full credit for those drawstrings, but my friend Peggy had the clever idea of adding the tassels. And you are right, it does require careful measuring and placement - that is why I ask you not to examine your bag too closely!

General Ginger

Cometely lovely sweater. What a neat and fabulous bag as well. I also love that you've got all your nonsmoking aids will organized in there!


I noticed the table right away, particularly the Blue Willow pieces on the edge. I have a thing for the Blue Willow pattern. It's just about mosaic tile season. I like my hands to be a little warmer outside before I start! Good work/patience on those sleeves.

Mary Beth

Great Spring things going on over there! The sweater looks great - you must be so glad you worked through it.


Loving the cables hon...I always love cables, but sometimes I hate to knit them because, well, they're cables *lol*

they just slow me down a bit...but the effect is just beautiful.


Everytime I come over here I get pissed that I'm not at home knitting. Your work is beautiful! At least I have that cold turkey button to help me not be frustrated!



bubble gum. mmmm. :-)

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