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27 March 2005

Easter Parade


The Cold Turkey Chicken Viking Hat -- perfect accompaniment to St. Brigid?  We've been having a complete blast with this hat.  Check out the photo album -- I'm still working on captions, but the pics are there...


Hahahahaha I love it!

oh that is just GREAT! i just love it.

What a hoot! A perfect ensemble, St. brigid and the cold turkey hat!
I think you could just use the hat as sort of a warning signal to the rest of the fam. Wearing the hat means HELP! :)

What a blast! LOL!

TOO perfect!

You crazy kids!

So cute! I love the pictures...I hope you are having a terrific Easter and are feeling better and staying strong.

Hahaha! That is so great! I linked to that silly pattern on my blog one time. Too Cute. Happy Easter!

Fetching. A perfect Easter bonnet!

BTW, I want to thank you so very much! I actually use your blog-"I keep tabs on these people"-list to springboard to other blogs. I try to make it a point to each day read one I have never read before, in addition to those I regularly read. And as I scrolled down and found a link TO MY BLOG I almost wet my pants! I can't believe I'm there! You have made my blogging life complete! I feel famous and honored to be amongst the other vaunted knitters.

Prayers for another day, another week of success...Blessings, to you, Vicki!


That is one funky hat!

You guys are too funny! Way to go Ann!

That hat definitely makes a statement...
uhm..... eat beef, maybe? Am really enjoying it!!!

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