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08 February 2005

Planning for the future

I started the last full repeat on the front of St. Brigid last night.  Woo!

Is it too early to be thinking about my FO photo shoot?  Well, I can't help it; I am.  I can't wait to do The Rachael -- it'll be my first!  I'm pondering locations, considering photographers, wondering if it will be warm enough to shoot outdoors!

Heh.  All I need do is read through the rest of the pattern to bring myself back from FO Dreamland.  I have a long way to go -- saddles, blocking, collar (a long braided cable), more collar (ribbing!?  that conveniently slipped my mind), sewing up, maybe the fringe (undecided).  Then I knit some more and find myself dreaming again...

Thank you all for your wonderful comments yesterday about St. Brigid and the very utilitarian Oatmeal!  When I mentioned the Must Have KAL the other day, Nathania wrote (complete with evil laughter) that resistance is futile and Norma all but rubbed my nose in her red-orange tweediness, writing of love and happiness (though there's been recent mention of crap).  Now, Elizabeth tells me that her Must Have is like my Oatmeal -- the sweater she reaches for first!  I always imagined that I'd feel that way about Must Have.  Oh, where's my resolve?

Will there be a completed pair/trio of MSF today?  My heart skipped a beat when I saw "Vicki" in the list yesterday.  WooHOO, it wasn't me -- I've still got a chance at an email from Stephanie and those mittens...


I wondered if the Vicki was you, never mind you might get those mittens yet!
Good work on St Brigid, you must be so excited about finishing.

I wondered if it was you too...you really are nearing the finish on St. Brigid! Well done! Can't wait to see that photoshoot!

Who doesn't want the mittens?

WooHoo...we're at the exact same spot with St. Brigid! I too have been dreaming of FO photos, although I'm entirely too shy to do the Rachael, but who know what will happen when I actually get this monster project off the needles. Cheers to the last repeat my dear!

That St. Brigid is a work of art.... I am in awe whenever you show pictures.

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