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Who's cooking?

Katie has met a boy who cooks.  Twenty-plus years ago, I met a boy who cooked.  He still cooks; currently, he's head chef at our house.  My advice to Kate?  Check the boy's repertoire.  We sometimes find ourselves in a rut 'round here.  I should have known early on...  When we were dating and the future DH had me over for dinner, the menu du jour (every du jour) was Ling Cod, broccoli, and brown rice.  He lived a few doors from a fish market and one wonders if that was the only type of fish they sold.  ; )

Natalya1I finished the first Natalya gauntlet, and I didn't have to stay up past bed time to do it!  Oooh, very nice.  Jodi's pattern is wonderful!  I hope to cast on the second today at lunch time.

Katie's coming home already this weekend for some art supplies that she needs.  My plan is to finish the second gauntlet, then wash and block them at the same time as the second mitten.  She can take the mitts back with her (only a week later than hoped) and I'll have to come up with something else to put in the mail for her.

Ali got her first perm on Saturday.  She didn't want curly, and she didn't get curly, but I think she's a little disappointed that it's not a little curlier.  Have I ever had a perm that I loved?  No.  Mistakenly going for some kind of '80s Barbra Streisand look, I actually had a perm un-done.  You know, that's not real good for your hair.  Thank goodness it grows fast.

Maddy went to see Phantom of the Opera over the weekend and loved it!  She said it was exactly like the stage production ("except it's a movie") that she saw a few months ago with my mom, and she wanted to see it again the very next day.

DH was freaking out over warping plywood last night.  He was ready to return it and buy different stuff at another place.  "Hello?"  I'm no expert, but I didn't see a great probability of the new/different stuff behaving any better.  I didn't really see any benefit to loading and unloading more of the same.  "How 'bout laying it flat?"  He agreed to that and then muttered something about "committing it to the wall" before it got all bent out of shape, so that's what he did.  I knit and conducted an occasional inspection of his work.  Approved!

Blahblahblah.  I'm done now.



Oooo there are some really scary pictures of me around with some really bad home perms. The only ones I liked where the spiral perms I got when my hair was long. I never reached Barbara Strisand status but was close.


Perms are altogether too scary a memory, very difficult to get just right!
Your gauntlet looks lovely, I have to knit these.


I made the Natala mitts and my daughter hasn't taken them off in 2 days! She loves them-it IS a great pattern isn't it? Jane

Mary Beth

The gauntlet looks so pretty, and so does your bathroom! Re: football inside - much to my chagrin!


Thankfully I've never made the mistake of having a perm.

Your Natalya looks great... I really need to start mine!


My husband took me to see Phantom and I LOVED it!!!!


I'll never forget this - I was about eight or so and my mother came home with a perm. She was standing in the doorway of my bedroom and the lighting made it such that she was silhouetted in the door. I remember being scared out of my mind - the hair was crazy.

That memory, of course, in no way surpasses the information my siblings and I found out a few years back: that my father's Gene Shalit look, circa 1976, was in fact not natural, as we all thought, but a perm.

Of course, you don't know my father, but the idea of him sitting for a perm still freaks us out. It's just not - right!

Hope Ali's hair relaxes into something she can be happy with. Hair needs to get over the shock - remind her of that often. The Natalyas look great!

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