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Weekend Wrap

Knit pics tomorrow, I hope!  I finished the North Star Mittens during the "Bird Bowl" yesterday (Falcons vs. Eagles), but not in time for Katie to take them with her back to school.  I'll block the second one tonight and then send them to her, along with a forgotten pair of socks and anything else I may find.  Mail is always fun, even if it's mittens and socks.

I decided that I wouldn't have time to knit a bed jacket for Mom's birthday (a week from today), so started a pair of Jodi's Natalya (pdf file) gauntlets for her, instead.  I'm using the Debbie Bliss Merino Aran from a sweater I frogged, re-started, then decided against altogether a few weeks ago.  They're looking very nice.  I have about four inches completed on the first one and am trying to do cabling without a cable needle (more often than not, anyway).  I'll probably make a few more pair from that yarn (stash 'em away for gifts) and a baby thing or two from it, too.   I'd still like to make Mom a bed jacket, but she can help me choose a pattern and yarn; I'd hate to make something that she'd be "bleh" about.

Bathroomsketch1Bathroomsketch2One of the things about doing home improvement with King Futz & Putz is that he's detail-oriented and thorough.  He is also very good at taking my ideas and chicken scratching and making them look better -- with perspective and everything!  It's been a couple of years since the upstairs bathroom was completed, but I still have the sketch he made taped to the inside of the doorway.  It's uncanny how true it is.

Kitchenwall1I'm sure that the upstairs kitchen will turn out just as well.  He's going to have to make a sketch on paper rather than the wall, though.  Yesterday, I cleaned and spray-painted the stripped light fixture bases and we re-installed them.  King F&P went to the lumber yard and brought home wood and paneling and I helped him unload.  The walls are so bad up there, that we actually will be applying thin plywood paneling, rather than just making it look like paneled walls.


Rest in peace, Johnny Carson.  You will be missed.



Hey, at least your dh actually gets things finished. Mine fusses over it so much it never gets done. The renos are looking good. And Happy Belated Anniversary, I think I missed a post or two and an just catching up.


Your bathroom looks great. I love the yellow/blue combination. Very pretty.

And, how fun for Katie to get your beautiful mittens in the mail.


He looks pretty handy to me. I'd take him. :) Now post some wedding pics! I have posted some rather interesting photos of myself. :)


I agree with Kathleen! I need someone like that. I love your bathroom. will you come do mine? Of course, I can't pay you, but....will you do it anyway? ;-)


you're not too bad with the pencil and paper my dear!

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