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I had the mitten in my lap -- finally finished the cuff and did the braid (oops, had to rip that back once and re-do).  Man, that braid is so cool.  I goofed up on the foundation row for the hand, so there's a row waiting to be tinked tonight.  The mitten in the book was knit with red and purple yarn and the chart is red and blue, but I'm knitting red and white and what's red in the chart is what I'm knitting white -- yeah.  It's a nice, colorful book, but I really think generic black and white charts would have been easier for people who are not knitting exactly as shown.  I'll try to take a pic tonight to show the cuff striping with and without Meg's Jogless Jog.

I had my visit with the dentist yesterday.  I'll be going back next week and two weeks after that for a crown over the broken tooth and extensive cleaning.  I was happily surprised that the crown was one (the longest lasting and most expensive) of three options she gave me.  She did not say the dreaded words "root canal"; instead, she said the other dreaded words, "periodontal disease."  I have never had a root canal (knocking on wood), but every time DH has a tooth problem, that's how it seems to end. Along with my new toothbrush, she gave me a Reach Access flosser -- I have a small mouth and tight, crooked teeth; of course, I've always known that flossing is important, but it's a HUGE pain in the butt so a rare occurrence.  I know that's bad.

Next up, new lenses for my glasses -- after I pay for all the dental junk.  My current pair, the first with no-line bifocals, are only a year old.  My last two pairs of glasses had non-scratch coating and for some reason on these, the most expensive by far, they neglected to do so and they are bad, really bad.  I've had thoughts of laser vision correction; if I only knew about the long-term.

See the new button?  Knitters Without Borders.  I wish I could have done what Laurie did, but KWB had not yet been born.  Yeah, knitters, over $18K!


Mary in Boston


Sounds like your dentist visits are a lot like mine...unfortunately...

I know it's a couple of days later, but I just wanted to ask how Duncan the new kitty is, and if he needs a good home? Or are you keeping him? Cause I would be happy to take him off your hands...LOL.

He's a very pretty kitty!


You are getting off easy with the crown. My crown broke off last Christmas (in a bagel) and I ended up with an implant (much$$$) after many months. My sister had the laser surgery on her eyes several years ago and so far, so good. Apparently night vision may be weakened - but I'm no expert> She said the hardest thing was that your eyes are held open for so long during the procedure. How long is relative when you can't blink.
I'm keen to try the braids.

Lynne S

Ooh, ooh, you are scaring me with tales of visits to the dentist! Last time I went it was $500 for three fillings, two of which were just replacements! And I know about crowded teeth too!
Today I will make sure I like to your blog from my blog cos you were the first (and I think only) blogger to link to my blog! Thanks :-) I want a kitty too but I am a bit far away.....


Oooh, the dreaded dentist. Glad you got off relatively "easy". Don't you hate spending the money, though? I do have one of those flossers and I like it much better than regular floss. Oh, and use a rinse after brushing and flossing. I can't remember the brand, but it is supposed to prevent periodontal disease. My dentist recommended it to me.


it started with our mutual love of strong coffee and went on from there ..... now the flossing??!! this is beginning to get a little scary ....


I should add however, that I don't have your excuse -- mine is a giant, gaping maw with well spaced chompers. I'm just lazy!

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