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Twenty years and a day

Well, you guys are just the cat's pajamas.  Thanks for all your kind words about the kitchen, the baby hat, my priceless jewels, and for the happy wishes yesterday.  It was so nice to have people coming out of the wordwork, too!  I'm enjoying the box of chocolates that DH gave me (he knows what I like), and he's been rolling the "Love Dice" that I gave him.  It's really kind of nice to have a wedding anniversary when the lovey-dovey Valentine stuff starts hitting the shelves.  So far, he's rolled a "Rub My..." "Surprise!"  Heheheheh.

I write these posts on the fly, off the top of my head, usually, and the stream is oft interrupted, so I would like to clarify, for Karen, that I did find the pearl... I nearly fainted when I realized that it was probably the "bead" I so carelessly kicked across the floor -- and it sure was.  I'm so lucky I didn't lose it forever.  My sister lost the diamond from her engagement ring a long time ago, and it's believed that the vacuum cleaner ate it before she even realized it was missing.  Anyway, please let me know when I wander off the trail and leave y'all hangin', okay?

OuchI found two wedding snapshots, Katy (I think any others may have been thrown out with the dress -- these may soon follow), and I just can't post 'em.  I'm sorry; they're awful.  I'll try to find something from that era so you can see how "cute" we were.  Kt was flipping through a stack last night and told her dad that he looked like a movie star (yeah, he really needs to hear that); and I think she was trying to make me feel better when she said that everything would have been fine with me if it wasn't for the '80s hair.

But I do have a picture for you.  Kate & I ran down to the thrift store and I found a knitting book from 1972 -- it was full of "pantsuits."  These are called "winter playsuits."  They look like heavy long johns, to me.  There is a pattern for a cute pair of baby patchwork bell bottoms in the book, and a few other tidbits.  Y'all know that I'm old already, so I'm not afraid to tell you that I had a few pantsuits.  The kids totally burst my bubble when they saw an old home movie of us -- me in my favorite pantsuit -- playing kickball and told me that it looked like a Santa Claus suit.  Thankfully, it wasn't just me they picked on; one of my sister's was wearing "pilgrim shoes."

DH patched and plastered the walls yesterday.  It's taken us so long to get going on this project, but once we start we keep on rollin'!  The ceiling fixture came down last week and the many coats of paint on the metal base were pretty flaky.  I threw it in a pot of boiling water and stripped it right down.  Tomorrow, I'll do the same with the matching fixture over the sink, then spray paint them.  They're probably from the '30s and very cute, so I'd like to keep them.

I do believe the North Star Mittens will be finished by Sunday, as hoped.  I ripped down to the missed stitch -- how many times have I knit Row 10?  I dropped a different stitch down a few rows beyond that and fixed a spot in the salt-and-pepper pattern where I had salt-salt, pepper-pepper.  Tonight, I'll put the thumb gusset stitches on a holder and carry on with the hand.  If I have any other knitting time left this weekend, I'll be working on St. Brigid.  Kim posted a picture the other day, a tempting reminder of what I could be wearing right now.  And Katy (same link as above), our lovely knit-along hostess, didn't have much much fodder from the knit-alongers for her update post earlier this week.


Mary in Boston

I have so enjoyed reading your blog...the rings are beautiful, and I cannot believe how much work you're getting done on the well as knitting...I knit about 6 rounds on a mitten last night, and will have to rip back 3 because I split a stitch and made an extra and it looks awful...

and these are one color mittens! geez.

Congrats on your twenty years...may you have many many more years of happiness!


Those knitted long johns are so funny.
Have a great weekend filled with lots of knitting time.


I have to admit I first skimmed your entry and thought that those were pics that you had taken of "jumpsuits" you had knit for others. I was thinking you were nutso :-) Glad to hear they were from an old knitting mag. Congrats on the milestone!

Mary Beth

Those jumpsuits are hilarious! Could you imagine dressing your kid in one of those today? Happy belated anniversary - such sweet stories about rings and mugs and stuff!


What are you thinking we all haven't seen 80's hair before? I think the majority of us HAD 80's hair. Happy Anniversary!


Happy Anniversary! Honestly, I was happy to have '80s hair instead of...gack....70's hair.



Vicki, happy belated anniversary! Your ring is beautiful. I love pearls!

Is it a sin to think that the pantsuits are cute? I like them! Perhaps I should see if my thrift store has some old knitting books--I rarely look for books when I am in there--I am such a clothes horse.

Take care!

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