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Are you sleeping?

Sunrise, sunset

Woo!  I did not have to turn my headlights* on when I drove home from work last night.  It was light!  And as I left for work this morning, the eastern sky was brightening.  This is big.

Winter in Wisconsin is cold, dark, and l-o-o-o-o-n-g.  There are certain events I watch for each year, milestones to spring.  One is the RV & Camping Show -- I don't have an RV and I don't really like camping (okay, I really kinda hate camping), but when this event occurs, I know that spring is on its way.  Another is the Boat Show; and you're right, I've never owned a boat.  (I once heard that the two happiest days for a boat owner are the day he buys the boat and the day he sells it.)  The RVCS is over and the BS is coming up.  I do attend the Home & Garden Show or the Winter Parade of Homes from time to time, both held in March, and when those two occur, it's really getting close!

I cast on and did about three repeats on Natalya last night.  I modeled the completed one for Maddy and told her that they were for her Nana.  She was surprised and asked why, informing me that only "punk kids" wear them at school.  Heh, her Nana will be a punk.  Ali loved it and thought about wearing it to school today.  I can see that I'll be making more...  St. Brigid was calling and calling and calling to me, so I pulled her out for a while, too!

Ack.  Ali's had a sore throat.  She says that it's "different" from any she's had before.  I took a look last night and it was very red and there were spots.  At least one friend was hospitalized with mono in recent weeks.  She doesn't appear to have any other symptoms, but we may be visiting the doc soon (like this afternoon); hopefully it's strep (hopefully!?) or maybe just a plain old sore throat!

*My Saturn has dim headlights that are always on when I'm driving, and I like it that way. 



Usually there is an evening in March when I really notice that we are getting more daylight, and everyday a bit more. I love that.

Um, here's hoping for strep/or just a regular sore throat.


Nice jpb on the gauntlets...I am seeing them all over the blogs. I like the pattern you are using. Hope your daughter just has a plain sore throat.I can't wait for spring.


Sounds like strep to me. I've heard of some serious side effects from not treating strep....so go to the doc! :)


The spots mean usually mean strep. We had an incredibly dark morning today, but you're right it is getting lighter.Unfortunately are knee deep in winter ( keep up the optimism though!) I've had to make more wrist warmers for friends already. They are one hot item. Luckily they are also fast.


My dd had a "sore throat" that started on Christmas eve. By that sunday, she broke out in a full body rash. We got her in first thing that Monday and she was diag. with Scarlet Fever. After about 3 days of Anti-biotics, she could finally swallow.(eek!)
I hope your Ali gets meds as soon as possible to help her feel better. They say the sooner they start, the quicker they are better.
On a side note, no one else in the family got sick with it. Yippie!?


I love it when we start to come out the other side of winter.
I hope Ali feels better soon.

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