Old Mother Hubbard

There's a pathetic lack of knitting content.  I've decided that I don't like the cardigan re-do -- this realization came at about the 12-inch mark on the back.  Maybe it has to do with frogging and giving it a bath, but I just don't like how it feels -- not substantial enough for a cardigan (at least not this pattern).  Hopefully, I can come up with a good use for that yarn, because I do like it.  I gave both St. Brigid and the North Star Mitten a thought last night, but I guess it was late and I was feeling tired.  I was wearing a sweater, too, and it's a struggle knitting with DPNs while I wear a sweater -- like it would be real easy to make mitten and sweater one!  I paged through a few books with baby knitting in mind, instead.  I hope to return you to your regularly scheduled knitting blog soon.

Dsc03409_1Meanwhile, Cara asked about what's in my cupboard yesterday, so I'll show and tell.  Atop are some of the pieces my dad has turned for me from various woods.  Some have covers, some are lazy susans, some have interesting grain features.  The top shelf is home to some porcelain dolls -- all but the dark-haired one and jester were made by my grandma for the grrs.  There's also a playful, ceramic candleholder that Kt made in 2nd or 3rd grade -- I should have taken a close-up of that; it has joyful figures of children around it and never fails to bring a smile.

At left on the middle shelf is a Lefton piggy bank with an iridescent glaze and applied flowers that I got for my 6th birthday.  It was dropped on the fireplace hearth when I was about 8 (I think my brother had something to do with that) and one of the rear legs broke off, but I love my gimpy pig.  There's some pansy stuff -- two plates and a compact -- a glued-together sauce dish (my fault) in the same pattern as dishes one of my great grandmothers had, another Halloween-ish school clay project, a small silverplate jewelry casket that my mom bought at Goodwill ages ago for $1 (in the days when they'd meet and buy stuff right off the truck), Mdd's Cinderella figurine from Disneyland, jars of dried lavender buds from my own garden, and some dried hydrangea flowers from the same.

The lower shelf is more mish-mash.  An old covered sewing basket, more turned wood, some tins, lavender wands that I made years ago, a vintage hat, an old "Mother" motto print with pansies, and a gorgeous vintage tile that looks like it has a marijuana leaf design.  The back of that tile is almost as interesting as the front, the manufacturer's name imprinted with flair and style -- I feel the same about the backs of some of my old cabinet photos.

The cabinet looks like furniture, but we did build it in -- it's screwed to the wall and there's quarter-round all around the bottom.  It's a funny room, part of an addition to the house that was made in the '20s or '30s -- huge for a bathroom -- and until our remodel a few years ago, didn't have a single electrical outlet!  It's toward the rear of the house, but there is one more room beyond -- it is one of my favorites in the house and if I could have everything I wanted, it would have become part of the bathroom.  As it is, there's another huge old cupboard with drawers that I once marked with clothing sizes and used to store the grrs' hand-me-downs, and a cabinet at the top where I store all the Christmas stuff.  Opposite that is a narrow, steep stairway to the attic -- there are drawers built in beneath those stairs.  It is the coolest thing -- drawers in a triangular space.  The entire room is hideously painted and is used for storage (what else?) and needs a good cleaning.

Do you think Stephanie had her little "lie down" yesterday after breaking $10,000 for Doctors Without Borders in about 24 hours?  I think it's more likely that she fainted -- the total this morning is over $15,000.  Unfreakingbelievable!  I think she may have recruiters on her tail soon, and offers in a new career -- fundraising!  Bravo to her for thinking up a great idea, explaining it all very well, and using her popularity to do good, and even more to all of her generous readers.  It's amazing.  And don't forget about the patterns -- socks and wristlets -- the proceeds of which will go to Oxfam or Unicef (I fixed the links in yesterday's post).  My PayPal transfer was finally official this morning, and that's the first thing I did today!



Thank you! (Still don't know why it's in the bathroom....)


That's quite a collection for the bathroom! Interestingly, We painted our (small) claw foot tub in what looks like a very similar colour. It sounds like a very cool house. They just don't make'm like that anymore. Keep the pictures coming!

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