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Kafter1Kafter2_1I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.  For the record, the shorn hunk o' hair belonged to my eldest daughter, Katie.  She of the pin-curled 'do seen on these pages from time to time -- it's still pretty incredible to me that she could get curls like that from such long, long hair.  But that's history now -- she'd be a shoe-in for Little Orphan Annie if she tried that with her new locks.

Kate has been growing her hair out for a while now -- a couple of years -- and was only waiting to find a short haircut that she liked.  She finally found one last week (on another blog, I do believe), made the call, and was in the chair bright and early on Saturday morning.

Kafter3_1Kb4Isn't it great?  It was very, very weird to see and handle her hair like that.  She was extremely proud to measure it (14" was a surprise), pack it up, and address the envelope to Locks of Love.

Katie said it's especially fun to shake her head!  She's been doing a little extracurricular thinning and trimming this weekend, getting it "just so."  With that perfect oval face, she can do anything.

I forget that we don't "see" each other everyday and that there have been lots of new visitors these days, besides, who have not had to endure the endless parade of kid pics on this blog.  I've only posted two pics of myself -- one as a pinhead in a group shot, the other around Thanksgiving -- so can't blame anyone for missing them!  I do not have red hair, myself, though my stylist found one once (and yanked it to show me)!

Thank you all for the fabulous comments.  Katie had a great time reading them all, too.



She looks GREAT!
I thought I was losing my mind. The previous picture just wasen't your hair. : )


Katies hair looks fantastic, bet it feels really light and cuts the drying time down a little!


Katie's hair looks great long or short. She's adorable. Thanks for the clarification. :)


The new hairdo looks great--and I'm sure it's fun having less to deal with.

Katie's hair is such a pretty color. That package is going to make someone happy.


I love her new do!! :wolf whistle:


I was waiting like all the others -- I'm growing my hair out for Locks of Love, but I think it's going to take a long, long time before it's long enough to cut! It's nice to see the before and after photos so I have some idea of how much growing I need to accomplish.


The new hair do is fabulous. What a lovely colour. My daughter has been growing her hair to donate for some time and I can't wait until it's long enough, since it's very fine and only stays reasonable for 2 seconds. And she has no interest in brushing it! Her hair is reddish ( very unlike mine), a colour she got from her grandma, I think.

Kim Kaslow

Katie looks fabulous in he new
"do"! What a wonderful and kind cause to donate her lovely red locks to!


Good lookin' and generous too. Kudos to Katie for donating such pretty hair to kids who need it.


I LOVE the new hair! Katie, you're gorgeous, inside and out.


The haircut is perfect for her! She looks more mature with a 'do'.


great hair cut! she's gorgeous and can rock both looks beautifully!


Beautiful new 'do! YAY for Katie for donating to Locks of Love.

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