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Are you sleeping?

It turned out to be a rather busy evening.  After running around, I finally sat down and worked on Natalya for a little while.  I was contemplating a little work on St. Brigid, too, but fell asleep in my chair at a little after 10:00 with Natalya on my lap.  She's little, but cozies up real nice!

I had the first Natalya mitt on my hand while I knit the second and I think it's a little scratchy.  It occurred to me that Mom has frequent issues with itchiness.  If they don't soften up after a Eucalan bath and blocking, I'm going to have to line them.  Great.

Ali has a plain old sore throat.  I'm still keeping my fingers crossed because the first test for strep isn't always accurate, and it'll be a day or two before we get the more accurate second test results.  After a nap yesterday, and again this morning, she said that she felt a little better.

I met Mom at a household sale on the way home from work last night.  The people lived in the house for 30 years and are moving to a new one.  The house was in a very cool neighborhood and was built in the '30s, I'd say, with likely additions along the way.  It meandered all over the place and it was easy to get disoriented!  Lots and lots of doors and stairways and little rooms -- it was three stories, not including the basement, and the third floor and many of the rooms were not even open to us!  Anyway, when the spring cleaning bug hits me (maybe March or April?), I'm going to keep this sale in mind -- if my stuff (17 years' accumulation and counting) was laid out for sale on tables, would it look like good stuff or like crap?  I'm going to try to weed out the crap.  After 30 years, with all that space for storage, you can imagine how much stuff/crap these people had -- 10 bazillion picture frames and baskets, trinkets and tools and appliances, every toy, game, puzzle and book that children and grandchildren ever played with -- crap, crap, crap.  We did get there late, so I know that most of the good stuff was already gone.  I recognized the name of the antique dealer who bought a chrome and naugahyde rocking chair and I can't wait to run into him again because my sister has the same chair -- I know that he only buys good stuff!  I'm sure it's headed to Chicago.

Built into the wall of one room was a small, arched opening with a door -- a phone cubby!  Those were the days when telephone tables were big, too.  Who sits while they're on the phone anymore?  My mom's parents' house, also built in the '30s, had one of those in the dining room, sans door -- I love little things like that in a house. We've got a crazy little feature (more of a puzzlement) like that in the room we're working on that I'll share with you soon.  (DH has been working hard, by the way, "committing" the paneling to the wall!)

It's a shame that I have to go to the dentist today and have the permanent crown put on -- I've never had a temporary that felt so comfortable and I can only hope that the real one will fit and feel as good.



Lucky you, a trip to the dentist, my all time favourite thing! Hope the new crown feels okay,
I'm glad Ali is feeling better.
J no3 is home sick today when he should have been skiing. I am not a very patient nurse so he probably will be well enough for school tomorrow!


Good luck with the crown! I'm nervous about getting mine. The temporary fell off the day after it was put on so I've been enjoying a irritation-free tooth! (I had a root canal on that tooth so there's no pain from the nerves.)

I hear ya about the crap factor. It slapped me in the face last year while clearing out my parent's really made me look at my "stuff" with a clearer eye!


I enjoy your blog a lot. It's funny, I think that we are just a few days apart in age. I got my first crown ever last October. Hope the visit to the dentist goes well.


Be brave! Took me six months to go get my bridge after a 39-year old baby tooth fell out and there was nothing to replace it! lol. Hope it all goes well!


If you have to line them, will you blog about it? I've been thinking of doing that myself but I'm not too sure how to get them right. I don't want the fabric to bulk up in the thumb.

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