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I bought a new pair of pants a couple of weeks ago.  My only hesitation about this purchase was that there were no pockets.  I'm a pocket person; I even like my nightgowns to have pockets because I like a pajama day every now and then.  I've worn them a few times already and guess what?  I found a pocket this morning -- no, make that TWO pockets!  They are small, discreet pockets just below the waistband, but still...

Kt came home last night for a long, relaxing weekend.  Well, she has a long list of things to do, but she doesn't have to work, so it's "relaxing."  One item on the agenda is shopping.  I sewed up (horribly) a simple, bias-cut, A-line skirt for Ai last weekend, and she'd like another, as would Mdd (of the pink thrummed mittens, the child who seems to be discovering her "softer side" these days), and it looked really cute on Kt, too.  Fabric store, LYS, some shops at the mall...  we'll all be busy!

I have no knitting to show you, and not much to talk about, either.  I was so tired last night; I knit a few rows on the thrummed mitts to help keep me awake during Without A Trace.  Kt wants to learn how to make thrummed mittens, and Ai wants to know if I have any "good yarn" she can use.



Oh no save us from children who want GOOD yarn!!
I recently had to supervise a rummage in my fabric after spying a piece of black 100% wool crepe almost becoming part of Judge Dredds costume!!AHHHH I am saving it for the perfect pair of trousers!
Have fun shopping this weekend with all your girls.


Hope you have a great weekend. I LOVE a good pajama day. I have had to curtail the knitting for a bit as my wrists were acting up. Can't wait to see those thrummed mittens.


You just wrote about my life right? I actually have to budget money for when Carrie comes home we have so many errands to run. Unfortunately she comes home only to work so we have to do it all around her schedule...ugh! Awh ...but we love them don't we ...enjoy.


Your kids sound darling. I am enjoying my girls more and more as they are getting older. (they are only five, he he) And even though everyone warns me about the teen years, I'm actually looking forward to it. Relax and enjoy the thrumming!


Sounds like a lovely weekend ahead. Enjoy!


Did you see CBS is airing CSI again tonight. Our local news showed the last bit last night.
Sorry you're tired. It' is hard to run full steam ahead and stay awake in the late hours.
Pockets rule! I'm with you on that one.


oh, what does one do without POCKETS? How lovely that you found them, cleverly *hidden* as they were....
Enjoy your girls and the shopping!


Thanks for your comment on my blog today! That link you left is PERFECT!!! Glad to find another pajama day fan!!! And pockets too-YES!


Let's hear it for the occasional pajama day!

I just browsed through your mosaic table---it's incredible! I've got a whole small trunk full of broken dishes and tile---you've inspired me!


I hope you are enjoying your weekend with the girls. Sounds busy...but fun.

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