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Veterans Day / Remembrance Day

I'm the winner of the "Bob Vestysweater Contest" at C&C Knitting Works (edited 2/05: they're no longer blogging)!  I just had a contest of my own (the package is going out today) and now I'm a winner, too!  How cool is that?  Thanks Cindy!  I hope Bob is happy, because it's a very nice sweater!

And it certainly is sweater weather!  Our temperature took an overnight dive and I think our high will be in the 30s today.  I finally broke out the turtlenecks this week, and I'm wearing my Shapely Shawlette today.

It's also the time of year when I like to have something warm for lunch.  I always bring a lunch to work -- usually a sandwich in warmer weather.  But now it's frozen entree time!  Yesterday, I had a Lean Cuisine Teriyaki Chicken -- yummmm.  (This morning, I ran off without any lunch at all; DH might have some business in town and he'll bring me another.)  I can't say enough good things about Stouffer's/Lean Cuisine.  I have tried a lot of frozen entrees and I've finally learned that no other brand can compare -- can't even come close in terms of quality, flavor or variety -- so I don't even look.  End of commercial.

And that reminds me of TV.  Darn it, CBS, you cut off the end of CSI:NY last night with the news of Yassir Arafat's death and the airing of his life's summary.  I know that it's big news, but it's not like it was sudden and unexpected or going to have immediate impact or that you won't have (and take) ample opportunity in the coming days/weeks to inform us of every detail of his life and speculate on every possible scenario.  Not only that, but my heart skips a beat and drops to the floor -- in a doom and gloom kind of way -- when I see that "Special Report" screen.


Today, Veterans Day, we honor and thank our military.  No matter how you feel about what's happening at home or overseas, they deserve our support -- it's because of them that we have the freedom, without fear of recrimination, to express our opinions or even protest.  Thank you.


Curlie Girl/Kim

Yeah! Congradulations on winning! I am a firm believer in "what comes around, goes around", and you just proved it yet again!

I'm with you there on the CSI thing. What can you do?

Keep warm!


So many people complained to our local station that they will show the last three minutes during the news togight!!

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