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First of all, yippee! My final (and late) gift for my SP2 is on its way to my house; it'll be re-packaged and sent out ASAP -- hopefully, early next week.

Second, tomorrow is the deadline for the birthday contest! The winner will be announced on Monday. It's been great to get your entries and to hear about how much fun you had with it!

So, my birthday is this Saturday. I want to go see "Ray" on Friday night (it's been ages since I've gone to a theater), then go out for something chocolatey and sweet. On Saturday, my baby sis and my mom are going to cook dinner for me. I told them to surprise me... There will be cake, too!

I'll be going with Ai tomorrow morning to tour the UW campus she wants to attend. Then, I'll be taking our lame computer to the doctor. Keep your fingers crossed that it can be resuscitated. The computer fairy has not visited, so it's time. Ugh.

Last night was all about comfort. I was too edgy to think about mittens, so St. Brigid occupied my knitting time. Wow! My first row last night was the last in the fourth repeat -- I didn't realize I was so close. That's half, folks! Maybe more than half, if I do seven repeats instead of eight. I held it up to myself last night and did a very quick estimate of finished length -- no final determination yet, but eight may be a wee bit long.

The shower of catalogs continues. Hanna Andersson -- some of the grrs' favorites have been from that catalog; there were dresses worn 'til they were rags. Sundance was also in the mailbox and I really like some of the sweaters.



I can't get these songs out of my head!!!! You must be from my "era" is all I've got to say.
Thanks for the memories, and I am working on the list for entry.
...knitting, gardening, kids and old houses...I enjoy reading your blog. I wonder why?

Curlie Girl/Kim

Happy, happy birthday!!! Have a wonderful birthday week-end..may all your wishes come true...and may one lame computer sort itself out! All the best Vicki!!!


Have a GREAT Birthday. : )

Forgot about Hanna Anderson! I use to order for Carrie all the time. Ordering now!

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