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It took two hours and fifteen minutes to cast my vote last night. Thank goodness it wasn't raining or snowing because half of that wait was outside. I'd made a swing through on my way home last night, but decided to go eat and try again later -- I get cranky when I'm hungry!

My boss and his wife (my bestest friend) celebrated their 30th anniversary yesterday. She'd voted yesterday morning, but he went early yesterday afternoon. "Come, stand in line with me, we can celebrate!" he said to her. At one point while I was waiting last night, a woman motioned for me to come and sit with her. She must have noticed that I was squirming -- my back was killing me. I couldn't believe it when she told me that she and her husband were also "celebrating" their anniversary (25th), standing in line to vote.

I was in no mood to look at or recalculate thrummed mittens last night. I'm counting on Goldilocks syndrome to kick in -- #1 was too small, #2 was too big, I hope that #3 is just right. So, St. Brigid got a little attention while I watched election coverage -- just a few rows. It all adds up.


Curlie Girl/Kim

Good for you for your patience to vote! And yes, every row counts, and so does every vote!


A little knitting is better than no knitting at all!!

My son & I walked right in and voted...no wait. I was shocked actually!

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