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Old Lady Knitting

I'm not going to take it personally that someone happened upon my blog by searching for old lady knitting.

AscarfAison frogged the scarf she started with this yarn a while back.  I cast on anew for her last night when I got home from work, and cast off before I went to bed!  This is a much nicer scarf!  Over the weekend, she knitted a pink, fluffy confection in the same pattern as a Christmas gift for Mdd.

PinkmittAll of a sudden, Mdd likes pink -- after a couple of years of hating anything pink or even purple.  These are the thrummed mittens I'm making for her.  The picture turned out a bit pink -- they are pink, but it's very soft.  The color reminds me of raspberries stirred very well into vanilla ice cream.  Do you like the cuff variation?  I was inspired by one of the books I found at the thrift store last week.  I'm using the Harlot's pattern again, but cast on 45 stitches right away (instead of 40) because this cuff isn't as elastic as one done in k2p2 ribbing.  Okay, okay, I didn't cast on 45 stitches right away, but it didn't take me long to realize that I should!


Here's my thrifty haul -- nine pattern leaflets and one book for less than $2.00.

Jack Frost Sweaters Mittens for Boys and Girls, 1946.

2 Needle Mittens by Nell Armstrong, 1945.

Hits in Hats to Knit and Crochet, 1965.

Bernat Raglans, 1961.


Bernat 18 Bulky-Knit Fashion Greats, 1975.

Spinnerin Classic Manual, Part 1, 1964.

Spinnerin Classic Manual, Part 3, 1961.

Fleisher's Baby Book, 1957.

Bernat Babies, 1976.

Debbie Bliss Nursery Knits, 1996.

I wonder if I overlooked the Spinnerin Classic Manual, Part 2.  I'll have to go back and check.  For your amusement, the cover of "Hits in Hats."  Don't fall off your chair.



Oooh I love that hat pattern, those mitts look cute in pink, love the cable cuff.


Those thrummed mittens look great! I loved the twisted cable ribbing, too!!


I love the description of raspberries stirred in vanilla ice cream. I can visualize the color perfectly.

Mittens look great!


I love those old pattern books - keep the pics coming! The pink mittens are *too* cute. :)


I LOVE the pink mittens. They seriously do remind me of strawberry ice cream. Delicious. And I love the cuff too. I need to get back to my thrummed mittens soon!

Curlie Girl/Kim

I love the cable cuffs, very feminine, just like the pink!


That is by far IMHO the best thrummed mitten yet! I love the cables! Pink is so very! excellent

Mary Beth

I think of Cotton Candy! And I love that hat with the tie under the chin - looks like an oldfashioned swim cap - what a riot!


mittens looks great and love those pattern books.


I'm copying those mittens. I hope you don't mind. It IS the sincerest form of flattery, ya know. ;)
I'm going to have some of that salmon pink Cascade 220 left over after the Rogue, and assuming I ever have the time, I just adore those cabled cuffs. You really are a cable-lady, aren't ya! Is the fleece natural white?


I have the Hits in Hats book, too! It was my mother's until I re-appropriated everything knitting-related she had to myself. I haven't seriously looked at it for any projects, though. I think the fluffy one kills me the most.


I keep looking for vintage patterns in my area, No luck. Your's seem to be in very nice condition.


tee-hee -- old lady knitting! and those google hits just keep on coming! I get more hits on my site from people looking for pug pictures than anything else - even the perverts ignore me (I also try not to take that personally!)

Daniel Rideout

Hi there, Great mitts! I am wanting to try my first pair and was wondering if you knew if the pattern you are using is online somewhere. Thank you. Daniel

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