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17 November 2004

Oh, the pressure

I'm chatting with Mdd this morning before school and she asks me if I can sew her skirt tonight because she'd like to wear it tomorrow.  I haven't even washed the fabric yet!  Katherine, too, has been thinking about hers and even sent me a link to the "Anthro" skirt she's using as inspiration.  Aison and I went to buy more toile last night because it turns out that she does still want me to make a duvet cover from the stuff we already have (stuff we've had for a long, long time already).  Looks like I'll be humming with a different type of needle soon!

I finished the hand part of Mdd's first thrummed mitten last night (only the first?); still have to knit the thumb.  These are going slow.  I talked with Kt last night and she's already past the thumb on her second!  She's "worn" the first, both inside-in and inside-out!  She's also had several requests for thrummed mitts from her dorm-mates.  Guess what she told them?

I could not resist the Mountain Colors.  I cast on for my sister's Shapely Shawlette last night, too.  I just had to see how it was going to look.  I made more progress than intended and it's looking good!

I have a package to mail to Yvette in the Frog Pond this morning, banking to do, bills to pay -- and lunch with the grrs!  Yvette and I are doing a little trade -- with surprises!  She also wanted the new Interweave Knits, which was among my LYS purchases on Saturday.  I think I'm going to bring the shawl to work on during lingering, after-lunch conversation!  There may be enough progress for a pic tomorrow!


With regards to sewing skirts. I was just on Anthropolgie
this morning thinking I could sew skirts like they have.
Have you ever seen this site?

I'm glad Katie sent you the link I was curious to see that skirt, it is very cute and I like the vintage charm bracelet they showed on the same page too.

Sounds like your girls are keeping you quite busy! And I don't blame you one bit for casting on for the shawl. It's hard to resist, isn't it!

That's a very pretty pansy box (from yesterday!). It sounds like you WILL be busy sewing. At least the skirts are a lot quicker to finish than knitting! We do need shawl pictures next. (pretty demanding, huh?)

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