Great Weekend!


In my baby book, at two years old, under "Prayers," it says, "God bless Mommie, Daddy, Grandparents, Sharon, Karen, Uncle Jimmy and so on -- (Sometimes even Pres. Kennedy)."

On November 6, 1960, I turned two years old.  We were living in Denver and I had 5-month-old twin sisters.  It snowed that day -- Denver's first snowfall that winter.  It was also Election Day.  John F. Kennedy was elected President of the United States.  (Did you know that Caroline has a November birthday, too?  She's only a year older than me.)  Of course, a few years later, there was another November day that is sadly and forever etched in my memory.

I can't say that politics was a hot topic when I was growing up, but apparently discussed enough that a 2-year-old would include the President in her nightly prayers.  My birthday is always tied to the Kennedys and elections.  It's not often that election day actually falls on my birthday, but it's always close; and when my birthday is in an election year, I'm always a little melancholy.  I feel it this year even more.

It's not snowing today in Wisconsin.  In fact, weatherwise, it's gorgeous -- we'll see 60 degrees, at least.  You never know about early November -- I have video of DH and little Kt & Ai building a substantial "snow-bear" in the backyard on this date several years ago.

Anyway, birthday it is, and I've already received knitterly presents from the grrs.  And you all make me smile and brighten my day with your birthday emails and wishes.  Thanks.



Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful, special day.


Have a happy one! Go buy some fancy yarn just for you!


Happy Birthday Vicki! I didn't want to embarrass myself trying to guess the year of the songs!


Happy Birthday!!!


Happy birthday Vicki. It's a beautiful day here in MN too! Enjoy your day.


h-h-h-h-happy birfday!


Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuu! (Be glad you can't hear me singing!) Hope it's a great weekend for you! Hugs!


I made it...Happy, Happy Birthday, grrlfriend! Man was I off or what.


Happy Birthday!! Hope your day has been great!


I do hope that you had a great day, best wishes for the year ahead. I only came across your blog this week but have found it a very stimulating read so will be back often.

Cheers from Australia,


Happy Birthday!


Hi! I'm one of the employees at the yarn shop that shares your name in St. Louis, and I can sing, and I would sing you a happy birthday if I could. But what a sad post. I wanted silly happy news about the contest! I didn't enter, so I won't win, but it was so fun. Will we hear about it tomorrow?


Happy Birthday to my blogging Pal!


Happy Birthday Vicki!

Mary Beth

Happy Birthday! Well, I was making my mother miserable on your second birthday - she would have been 8 months pregnant! I think I might be pretty close with my estimating your age - I was in 10th grade when your graduated, which makes you the same age as my big brother!

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