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My husband's middle initial is "W."  Let's just say that it doesn't stand for "Wily."

This is a paragraph from an email that Kt sent yesterday:

Umm um um. I had half a mind to run over to Yarn Emporium (I think that's what It's called) ... the one that's two blocks away from my dorm, because EVERY SINGLE DAY I am so tempted to stop in there, but I know I can't afford any yarn, so I'm keeping my distance. It's so cute inside, though, and I like looking in the windows as I walk by...

Warms my heart.  The girl is definitely a winter knitter -- nothing like a chill down your neck to make you want to pick up some knitting!  She suggested that I come and visit sometime soon so that we could go to her LYS.  I hope we can synchronize schedules.

I knit a few more rows on St. Brigid last night, then pulled out the Great Red SP2 yarn and started on the Filatura Di Crosa Zar One Cape (free pattern on Elann).  I had a couple of false starts, mainly to do with the proper cast on and getting the hang of doing the fisherman's rib.  The entire pattern is rather vague, so we'll just have to see what happens.  I tried to take a picture, but even without a flash, it's not photogenic.  So far, so good, though.  It's very lofty, which is just the way that fisherman's rib is, I think, and should be nice and warm.

You wonder why I started this.  I wonder, too.  Don't I have two sweaters-of-major-undertaking, a shawl, and thrummed mitts (one each in two different sizes, neither correct for the intended recipient) already underway?  Didn't Mdd request a pair of thrummed mitts, too, and don't I have lofty ideas of knitting at least one gifty-sweater by Christmas (and yes, even daring to think two)?  Obviously, I am having a lot of trouble concentrating and making decisions.  I guess I'm not so sure about the thrummed mitts as a gift for my sister who's expecting something knitted -- but the cape is definitely her, just not in this color.  So, if I knit it, and it knits up quick and I like it and think that she'll like it, well... by Christmas.

Yes, my head is spinning a little.

One last reminder about the Birthday Contest because, since the birthday is tomorrow, the deadline is today!  Thanks, by the way, for all your wishes!



I may not see my computer tomorrow so just in case I'm sending you BIG BITHDAY WISHES now. Have a super good day and enjoy a lot of cake and ice cream!


Happy birthday! Have a good weekend.


Just had to stop by and wish you a Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day.


happy birthday, i hope your day is wonderful and filled with love and laughter!



I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by my knitted gift plans as well - I think this is an early November syndrome. About halfway through the month, Christmas activities start looming, then Thanksgiving (in your case), sanity bonks you on the head, and you know where you stand. But it's an optimistic kind of craziness you're experiencing, so go with the flow for now. And happy birthday.

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