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I took our old computer in yesterday.  I had three scenarious in mind:  1) it could be revived, 2) my data could be recovered, 3) neither of those and it would have to be reconfigured.  They called last night and said that there was no recoverable data and asked for my Windows XP product key number.  Big, big bummer, but I could stop holding by breath and at least I know where I stand.  I'm pretty sure it's my utter aversion to tech support and unwillingness to search for hours and days and hours to find useful information on any website (and enough knowledge to be dangerous, along with a bull-rush attitude) that got me into this situation; go read Norma and you'll have an idea why I'd rather be strung up by my thumbs than talk to tech support.  I'm reallly sad about losing all my pictures.  I'll be using my film camera a bit more in the future, as well as the digital.  I have been pretty good at backing up lately, how 'bout you?

Thanks for your nice comments on Kt's scarf.  She chose a simple lace pattern from one of my pattern books and did two repeats across.  She'll be home on Thursday (for a weekend of all play, a little shopping, and no work!) and I'll find out exactly which one she ended up using -- I know she had a false start or two at the beginning.

I've been bad about pictures lately, so watch out 'cuz there will probably be a flood one of these days.  There are new/old books, yarn, projects, birthday presents...  Kt had a couple of hours last Friday between arriving home and needing to be at work, so we ran down to our local St. Vinnie's.  I finally found the spot where they stash the craft stuff!  And I scored!  I found a bunch of great pattern books from the '40s, '50s and '60s, plus a Debbie Bliss baby/kid book, and not one single item cost more than 25 cents!!  We have the best St. Vinnie's on the planet as far as prices are concerned.

Update:  The computer guy just called and told me that the reason my data could not be recovered is because my hard drive is shot.  It wouldn't even allow the diagnostic software to finish loading.  I've replaced the hard drive in this computer before.  Grrr.  Maybe it was a virus that caused it to fail the first time on Christmas Day, or maybe not; maybe it was my DIY/tech aversion attitude this time, or maybe not...



Thrift shop shopping, oh I am sooo jealous.
Thats such a shame about your pictures and no I haven't backed mine up yet, I will though, soon.


Sorry to hear the finaly word on your computer and lost data. I HAVE been backing up my pictures regularly--thanks to you.

Glad to hear you had a good birthday,


Thanks for the reminder to back up my pictures! Sorry to hear your puter is on the fritz. :(

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