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Great Weekend!

Kscarf1Kscarf2I had a great birthday weekend, and very busy.  My baby sister and her family came up from Madison and she cooked dinner for me at Mom's on Saturday.  Shrimp Jambalaya!!  Yummmmmm.  She also baked a homemade carrot cake.  I had two servings of jambalaya and two pieces of cake.  We talked about going to see "Ray" afterwards, but, feeling so "content," I'm sure I would have nodded off...  Instead, I came home and finally blocked Kt's finished scarf.  Isn't it pretty?

My gifts were wonderful.  Among them:  a gift certificate to an LYS, the "Knitting Pattern a Day" calendar, yarn*, and a beautiful, old dresser box with pansies on it.  Mom gave me the pansy box; I was with her at an antique sale several months ago when she bought it, and I even knew she was buying it for me, but I'd forgotten.  It's gorgeous (I'll have to take a pic).  I've seen the calendar around for months and, as Ai is with me quite often when shopping, she took note.  I almost bought it a few times and I told her that if I didn't get it for my birthday, I'd just have to buy it because I didn't know if I could wait for Christmas -- what if they sold out??

Yesterday, we went to a local craft sale and then a holiday open house at my most local LYS.  The craft sale was so-so, I found some yarn* at the LYS.

And last night was the perfect finish to a great weekend.  The Northern Lights put on a show that was just fabulous!  Mdd had gone out the back door to take Mickey for a walk last night and popped her head inside the front door to ask about the green glow in the sky.  I watched it for a while and then stepped out again before heading to bed (around 11:30).  I could hardly drag myself away -- by then, it was just amazing.  The lights were shooting right over our house and even making the southern sky glow.  My nose was nipped a bit by the time I went inside.

And there's a birthday contest winner to announce!  Kim from The Woolen Rabbit!!  She correctly matched the songs/artists, stated 1976 as the year I graduated, and 46 as my age as of Saturday.  I'm so glad y'all had fun with it!  It sure kept me smiling to get your entries and read your comments.  I'm sorry, Wendy R., for throwing you off by not including "Take It To The Limit" and "Dreamweaver" in the list -- I hate those songs!  But kudos to you, kiddo (and my SP2), for writing in Kiki Dee with Elton John for "Don't Go Breaking My Heart."  And, I didn't know that the Everly Brothers originally did "Love Hurts" (that would be worth a listen) or that Smokey Robinson (I love him!) did "Shop Around."

And thanks, everyone, for all the birthday emails over the weekend!    You're the greatest!

Redridinghood*Miss Mdd has been angling recently for some pink thrummed mittens.  She made my birthday card and painted a pair of pink mitts with the words, "Just a reminder."  Can you see what's coming?  She gave me pink yarn.  Ohhh, some Red Heart that she found at the dime store.  Hell would freeze over before I'd waste my time knitting thrummed mitts (or much of anything else, really) with that!  At the LYS yesterday, they had some Wool-Ease on sale and, though it is mostly acrylic, too, it just looks and feels SO much better.  I started them last night -- using the Harlot's pattern, but changing the cuff a bit by adding a cable.  In other knitting news, the picture I took the other day  of the SP2 Great Red Handspun didn't turn out as badly as I thought.  I'm actually within a few inches of finishing (will likely make it a bit longer than the 34" called for) and will have at least a hank of the handspun left!



What a great birthday weekend. Good for you! The scarf is really pretty...can you share where you got the pattern? We also were absolutely awestruck by the Northern Lights last night, here in WNY. It was the most amazing dispay of them I've ever seen...they were dancing around the sky! I'm glad you finished off your weekend that way.
We did see "Ray" this weekend....great movie.
Have a great day!

Wendy R

Damn! We were so close! My husband was really the brains behind that. He's all about Smokey Robinson and the Everly Brothers. He scared me with the depth of his knowledge. It was a fun contest, even though you threw it by not including "Take It to the Limit" and "Dreamweaver" ;). Do another one again soon, kay?! So glad you had a fabulous Birthday!

Curlie Girl/Kim

Sounds like you had a pretty fabulous week-end, and even managed to fit in blocking and knitting! We had the Northern Lights last night too! Amazing, and a lovely birthday gift from the sky!


Oh darn! I have been away from blogs!
Happy Belated Birthday!!!! Glad to see you had a good one.

no northern lights here but I did see 3 shooting stars on saturday... :)

happy birthday again!!


The Northern Lights were amazing when I lived in Alaska. I loved to watch them dance. They were just the green color when I was in the SE but when I went up north, to Anchorage, the colors were unbelievable. I thoroughly enjoyed the legends of singing or whistling to the lights...

I am glad to hear you had such a terrific birthday!


Happy belated birthday!! It's sounds like you had the perfect birthday weekend. :)

I've always wanted to see the Northern lights...someday!


That is a beautiful the pattern. I also love, love, love carrot cake. Can you send me a piece through the internet? Thanks! Glad you had a wonderful Birthday!


I found out too late you start kindergarten at age 5. We start at 4 in Canada! Would like to see the pansy box.


jeez, talk about a great birthday! Shrimp jambalaya... *drool*... carrot cake *swoon* and yarn!? DAmn girl! You're spoiled! :P Happy birthday!

Looking forward to the Northern Lights tonight. Woot!


Love the scarf, please do share where you found the pattern. Some of us *need* more projects like we need a hole in the head, but just can't resist starting a few more! :)

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