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Kthrum_1 ...they're mine, and I'm taking them!  That's Kt and she's knitting a thrummed mitten!  The pair will be a Christmas gift for a friend (also a knitter) who was bug-eyed when Kt told her about the thrummed mitts that I was making.  This is Kt's first project that's not a scarf and she has learned a lot:  switching from smaller to larger needles, knitting in thrums, making increases (thereby a gusset), working and turning in a middle of a row (thereby making a thumb), making decreases, sewing a seam, breaking off yarn, tieing on new yarn.  It's amazing how much she's learned knitting one little mitten.  She'd already finished the first and started the second when she left for school last night.

Aison learned a few new things over the weekend, too.  She's making a striped scarf using the leftover ball of gold Lana Grossa Merino Big that Kt had and a new ball in aubergine that we bought at the LYS on Saturday.  She (re-learned) how to purl and was ready to switch colors for the second time last night.  It will be a narrow scarf in a fairly fine gauge (5US needles) in stockinette with 3 sts of garter at each edge.

Kmanos_1Haul_1We had a very fine time at the LYS on Saturday.  You see Ai's Merino Big at top left.  In the middle is Rowan Chenille in a similar color.  It was on sale, so how could I not?  I made a few lacy, chenille scarves a year or two ago and the grrs just love 'em.  That pretty red ball is Rowan Big Wool; it's supposed to turn into mittens.  At the bottom is a hank of Mountain Colors that will turn into a Shapely Shawlette -- by Christmas, for my sister.  That's my final answer.

We went to the fabric store yesterday morning -- because we forgot on Saturday!  I think we were lightheaded from the LYS and our stop at Sam's to buy two cases of Propel* water.  We have fabric, zippers, and thread for a skirt for each.  Mdd's will be pink (of course), Kt's will be brown twill with coordinating bows (inspired by an Anthropologie skirt that I can't find on their site for linking), and we'll make Ai's from some toile that we already have.

We went to Mom's for the Packer game yesterday afternoon.  Kt & Ai spent nearly the entire game knitting -- it was so cute!  I did do a little knitting myself over the weekend, but the grrs steal the show!

*Kt has been losing weight -- a slow and steady decline, just the way it should be.  She credits Propel as being an important factor (she likes it, so she drinks it -- rather than too much juice or soda or whatever), along with paying close attention to her meals at school and making good choices -- low-fat all the way, baby.  And you know what, those are new jeans she bought on Saturday and they're size 10!  Way to go, sweetheart.



I am very impressed with The Knitting Daughters. I have been warned that once they are teens they don't want to do anything mom does - you disproved that! That Mountain Colours yarn is breathtaking.What weight is it??


Hmmm Yummy yarn colours, where's the green??
Well done to Katie on her healthy eating plan and your girls are moving on fairly swiftly with their knitting, all I have to do is get J to stop making holes before I teach him to purl...its an uphill struggle some days.


Well, I just love your yarns! They would be just as comfortable living at my house on my needles...the perfect colors. Good job on the mittens, Katie!


What cozy knitting pictures!

Flat thrummed mittens? Is that one of the patterns listed on Harlot's thrum page? Just last night I was thinking about starting a thrummy pair.


Yeah, Katie! Good job on the mittens and the healthy weight loss.


Hooray for knitting daughters, I have pics of my little one and her first knitting project on my blog now as well!

Don't you love the Mountain colors yarn? I have a hank of it I've been saving for something, I just can't decide. It's lovely eye-candy to have around!

Curlie Girl/Kim

Brag away my dear. Congradulations on the knitting daughters, you lucky girl. Where can I get myself a pair? My LYS doesn't carry them!


how wonderful to share knitting with your daughters! my oldest daughter (21) sparked my interst in knitting this year (i jsut learned in august) and my second daughter (19) is begging one of us to teach her to knit so she can make her hubby some knitted items... i am hoping to visit #2 in the next month or so, so i can teach her how to knit...

have a super week


Propel, eh? I'll have to check it out. Thank you for your thoughtful email the other day. :)

I love the photo above... It has lots of interesting qualities to it. Without sounding like a voyeur, it'd be fun to come explore your house!! I see a big bannister, twinkle lights, lots of odds and ends that make photos interesting.

What yarny goodness! Your daughters are very lucky to have a knitty Mom like yourself.

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