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A snob is born

Snob2Snob1"Oh, Mom, you gotta see what I got! It's really expensive, but I just had to buy it! I'm going to need more! I'll just buy it when I can! Oooohhhh, I love it! This stuff is so great! I'm almost embarrassed by the scarves I gave to people last year. They're okay, but THIS stuff..." Look at what my baby brought home...

Colinette, Point 5 - Toscana. We set up the swift and winder and made a gorgeous little yarn cake (I also wound my red SP2 wool). She sat down and started knitting a scarf with big needles (pattern is based loosely on a scarf she saw at Target) -- and finished off the whole thing in a matter of hours! The colors are beautiful and she's in heaven. She didn't mind the thick/thin yarn at all. I happen to have a stash of Tahki Yarns Davos, which is also thick/thin, that I bought on sale at the LYS in June. While I love the colorway, nothing has been knit. I showed it to Kt (she was itching to knit and had nothing in her lap!) and she loved it, too; she grabbed a ball and started yet another scarf -- she's another who loves 'em and wears 'em.

ScarfSee? She finally finished the narrow, lacy scarf from the Lana Grossa Merino Big. You can see both the Davos and the Merino Big here. There are mistakes (mostly at the beginning), but she loves it. I'll give it a bath and block it this week; she'll be back for a quick, working visit next weekend.

Secret Pal 2. My SP2 gifter has been wonderful. She sent an email and entered my birthday contest! She also let me know that one more package is on the way, and I expect that all shall be revealed within.

My SP2 giftee can expect another package, too, but I'm still awaiting delivery myself. Oh, I know, I'm late. I've only had one email from her. She posted on the "blog for the blogless" about one package, but no others, so I don't even know if she's received them. I sure hope she has! Connie from MN, come on down!




teehee, that Colinette is rather hard to resist!
Thank you for the comment today, just what I needed!
Blessings to you and yours as always,


Please share with Miss Katie that she can buy colinette cheaper on Ebay : )
Are those your Kitchen cabinets??? **as my heart skips a beat**


The Colinette is pretty--but I was also checking out your kitchen cabinets. :)

Curlie Girl/Kim

I'm just catching up on my blog the thrum mittens! Love the photo of the cans (I'm not sure why, maybe it's because they look so orderly) and congradulations on having a daughter that's a yarn snob...where can I place an order for one of those?


Like Cindy, I was gonna suggest eBay for Colinette. And I, too, love your kitchen cabinets. We are in the market for a redo. But I don't think we can do glass with Owen the destructo. How cool that you can share your stash. :)


Colinette point 5 is my favorite yarn ever!
That girl's got great taste! (it's a blessing and a curse)

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