Cromarty envy
Three sleeves!

There was singing!

DH and I went to a concert last night. It was the inaugural Choral Music Festival, featuring various choirs from high schools in our area. Aison is in our high school concert choir and was a participant! One of the two guest conductors spent time over the past few days working with the choirs at their schools. Five schools participated, and all the choirs joined for the finale -- "Gloria" and "America the Beautiful." Wow. The talent is amazing.

I've always enjoyed hearing kids sing -- any kids, but especially my own -- from preschool to high school. I still swoon when I recall the solo by one of Ai's classmates in second grade -- a little boy who sang so sweetly, it brought tears to my eyes. I love watching them, too; it's fun to pick out the kids that are in their element -- you can tell by their expression and movement that there's nothing else in the world they'd rather be doing.

Due to some sort of rotation in our school district, my kids didn't always perform in holiday concerts and it's been a big disappointment. I'm joking (somewhat) when I say that I send my kids to school so I can hear them in the Christmas concert! We really do have a fabulous music program, though, and I know it's not just local pride that has, at times, brought down the house during performances.

So all this musical news is in place of knitting news, as I was pretty much otherwise occupied last night. I was able to squeeze out a few rows on St. Brigid's sleeve between dinner and departure last night. Three or four is better than zip!



Anything that kids do...whether it be singing, dancing or anything musical is amazing. I'm in awe just watching and listening to them! ;-)

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