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Short and Sweet

Ack. No pictures. All of my knitting time this weekend was spent on the Shapely Shawlette. I don't know if I'll be able to finish tonight, but it'll be close. I've never worked much with variegated yarn, so I'm really enjoying these beautiful colors as they flow through my hand and am very happy with the color distribution. And it's so soft and smells so good -- I just have to bury my nose in it now and then.

When the shawl is finished, it's back to thrumming. We turned the furnace on over the weekend and brought all the plants inside! There's a frost advisory for tonight and I think DH said he heard a low of 20. Brrrrr.

Kt was home for the weekend, mostly to work at Arby's (she also brought laundry). She'll be home overnight next Friday, also, for more of the same -- it's homecoming for several area high schools (including ours, so Ai will be busy, too) and they could really use her because so many kids asked off. She'll be taking the Amtrak to Boston the following weekend to visit a friend who's going to school there, so some change in her pocket is most welcome.

Mdd and her best friend had a sleepover at my mom's on Saturday night. She treats 'em like royalty and everyone needs a little pampering now and then!



I love those thrummed mittens! They look so cozy!

I was watching CNN and they are predicting that we will get frost up here in MD by Wednesday! I guess it is that time of year eh? what happened to indian summer? :)


Its nice to have your children home, even with laundry!
We have the opposite problem with heating, they have switched the collective heating on in the apartment block and the sun is back, so its HOT!! Still its nice to have all the windows open in October.


We turned our furnace on this weekend, too. It really makes you want to finish those thrummed mitts, doesn't it? And everything else warm and wooly!

Curlie Girl/Kim

Yes, isn't varegated yarn lovely to work with. I love watvhing the different colours slide through my hands and on to the needles. Very mesmerizing!


Ohhh! Did you say a low of 20? I don't like the cold like I used to. I like warm weather all the way!!! :-)

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