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My sister and I moved nearly every piece of furniture in her cabin to a new location over the weekend. It's really a cute place -- with the living area on one level and then a couple of steps up to the kitchen area. There is no indoor plumbing, but there is a little clawfoot tub and it all just involves a fair amount of hauling and heating water. Water conservation is second-nature.

We hung about 15 pictures -- she has some really great old prints. I screwed in a dozen cup hooks, plus a few other hooks, to hang some of her collection of Jadeite. We relocated the medicine cabinet, a shelf, and hung up her pot rack and other various hooks and pegs. It's really cozy and welcoming. My sis has a great old stained glass window that was up in the open rafters -- we moved it so that the light from the skylight shines through and shows off all the colors.

On Saturday, we made Knitche's Chili All Day and, oh my goodness, is that ever good!!! It was a cold, blustery day and chili with cornbread was the perfect meal while we listened to the undefeated Wisconsin Badgers beat Purdue in a fabulous football game.

On Sunday, we ate chili again while we watched the Green Bay Packers defeat the Detroit Lions -- we needed that win after four dismal and disheartening losses.

And we both did a little knitting. St. Brigid was a very good traveler, but she really didn't come out of the bag except for show and tell. Instead, I used some of the leftover Galway from the thrummed mitts to make a wrist warmer. I might have enough yarn to make a pair of mini gauntlets (gauntlettes) and they might be preferred by the intended wearer -- I need to schedule a consultation. My sister pulled out some Rowan Chunky Chenille from her stash and started a much-needed and very practical scarf. Our temps in Wisconsin will warm up a bit mid-week, but it's pretty much a downhill slide from here on out.

I took a look at her stash of knitting books (didn't even bother with the magazines -- will leave those for another time) and borrowed a few. She has done some amazing work over the years -- did anyone else ever knit that great autumn sweater from VK in 1993 -- blue wool with same cables was the background for lots of chenille leaves in fall colors. It's just fabulous!

I saw some sheep on Saturday and had a good thought about all the weekend festival goersin NY -- I'm off to check out the news about sheep, fiber, and the debut of certain new sweaters!



Your sister's cabin sounds charming, except for the part about no indoor plumbing :)
Glad you got to take advantage of the knitting book stash as well!


Your cabin sounds wonderful, I am so jealous. I love when I can "hang" with my sister.
Love the mitts!

Curlie Girl/Kim

Can I borrow you for the week-end to come help me decorate? Pretty please....

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