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The Holiday mail-order catalogs are arriving in my mailbox already. Hearthsong was among yesterday's deliveries. If you have kids to buy gifts for, this is a great catalog. I have ordered things (not nearly as many as I'd have liked) over the years and have been very pleased with them all! Among the favorites were the Treasure Chest Kit, Real Gloves, and Junior Tool Kit and Leather Tool Belt. The tool belt was a bit large for Mdd at the time, but nothing that a big safety pin couldn't fix for a year or two! (Can you tell that we're into carpentry around here?) And who wouldn't love a catalog that offers Learn to Knit Kits? I love it that it's offered in two versions: acrylic or WOOL!

The other catalog in my mailbox yesterday was Barbie Collector. What can I say... Ken as Legolas!

I attended Parents' Night at the UW campus that Ai wants to attend next year. We'll be going together for a tour of the campus a week from Friday. It's one of 13 two-year campuses in the state and a great place to start -- she can live at home, save lots of money, get most of her required credits taken care of and get a start on-track for her major (while figuring out what that major might be), then transfer to a four-year campus.

There was a teensy bit of time for knitting last night and I polished off St. Brigid's third repeat! DH had an opportunity to admire it the other night when, half-way through a row, I held it up to see how it would "fit." I love it! I'm pretty sure that I'm going to do all 8 repeats; still leaning toward no fringe, but we'll see. I will have plenty of yarn, whatever I decide. I started the body with a new ball and joined the second last night, at about 2-1/2 repeats, so I figure just over three for each body piece. The sleeves each took far less than one. The sum comes to 8+. I ordered 12 hanks of the Cascade 220, so I have plenty of cushion! I've also determined that my average (so far) is one repeat every two days. It's going so much quicker than I thought it would; a lot faster than poor, neglected Cromarty. It has to be the difference in yarn. I don't really think I'm knitting any faster.

Nathania Apple, you RAOK'd my socks off! I'm not even a member of the RAOK ring, so her lovely gift from Adagio Teas is truly random! Thank you!

It was fun to hear about knitting tool organization/disorganization yesterday. Pouches seem to be the favored item for implements -- some have one-kit-for-all, as I do, and some put together a tool kit for each WIP, and some are just happy to find what they're looking for! Thanks for sharing, everyone.



Count me in with the "Where did I put that !@#$* thing" school of knitting organization! :)
Actually, ziplock bags are my best friend when it comes to small projects. I have a bag on a wooden stand for my larger projects, and the rest of the stash seems to roam around the house like tumbleweeds. For some reason I can never keep it under control!
Hearthsong was a local company to me for years. I used to shop at their outlet store a lot, love their products, and so do my kids!

Glad to hear you're motoring along on St Brigid. My hubby has recently shown interest in an aran sweater, I see some cables in my future! (After I'm done with the fairisle, anyhow!)


I can't stop giggling over the Ken as Legolas link.


Like to read that someone else gauges knitting time by repeats. I too received Barbie collector and it is so NOT me... strange. Wish I could have gotten Carrie to do the local college thing...but she wanted the city :{


I think I need one of those Ken as Legolas dolls now. At least Christmas is coming up!


Oh dear, I'm still searching for the ultimate way to store all the paraphernalia. I've tried several different plastic containers, a fancy make-up bag, and the ever-handy Ziplocs. Nope, nothing's just right yet. If I ever get down pat, I will shout it out to the world. I think I need a container catalog.

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