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30 September 2004

Hoot, hooooot, hoot

SuppliesI'm thrummin'! Here are my supplies: fluffy fleece, Galway worsted from stash, DPNs, The Queen's* pattern and, in place of Screech, Mike's Hard Lime (it's what was in the 'fridge). There were distractions, for sure, a phone call from my sis, another from Kt; the realization that my uneasiness with the DPNs was evident in how tight my cuff was (might have fit a 3-year-old's hand), so I tried to relax and started over. I'm sure y'all would laugh, the DPNs are probably longer than anyone else's and I look and feel like Edward Scissorhands, but they're doing the job. At 12:30 a.m., I had knit my first thrummed row and one more besides. That means I'm operating on less than 5 hours of sleep today, but *Hoot, Hoot, Whoot* I'm thrummin'!

Fleece_galwayI believe it's the art of thrum-making that is the biggest challenge -- figuring out how much fiber makes a "wisp" and therefore a nice thrum, not too big but enough to be warm. Some of them are definitely fatter than others, but I think I'll get that down.

More_weekendThe LYS damages weren't too bad yesterday. I did dive into the sale bin and came up with two more skeins of the Waterspun Weekend that I'll use for more hats -- the kids like 'em so much. I also bought Judy Pascale's Shapely Shawlette pattern. They had a garter stitch version as a sample; I tried it on and didn't want to take it off. So nice!! I really want to use the beautiful Alchemy Alpaca from my Secret Pal for this shawl, but will likely shorten it by a few rows because of yardage issues. I can't wait to make this shawl!

Speaking of Secret Pals, I had a very nice, newsy e-card from mine other day -- with giraffes (my favorite!) and even a clue as to my next package (I'm still mulling it over). I'm falling a bit behind on emails and whatnot, but I'll give a personal shout soon; meanwhile, a public Thank You!!

I have at least one more package to send off to my SPII person; I hope they received the last one (haven't heard a peep).

Kt was 6, Ai 4, and Mdd just a babe at this time of year, 13 years ago, when an owl would come to visit every night. I heard him night after night -- a resounding "hoo-hoo-hoo-hooooot-hoot-hoot," close by, and at fairly regular intervals. One night, I finally spotted him, sitting atop a dead branch in one of the huge oaks in the ravine. Ever on the lookout for educational opportunities (and there are none better than those right outside your kitchen door), I grabbed a flashlight and called the grrs. Oh, that poor, poor owl. We got a good look at him, but he silently swooped away and never came back. Over the past several years, I've heard owls (though never as close) -- sometimes the "hoot" just resonates through the house! I think I've been forgiven. Last night there were two; even though there was a full moon, I couldn't spot them, but they were very close. They were hooting up a storm, each with a different tone, and it was glorious!

*If she's successful in knitting an Aran in 14 days, the Queen of the World should be nominated for Queen of the Universe, or Goddess of Cables & Bobbles, or something to commemorate such a feat.


I love hearing Owls and they look so sweet.
That shawlette is a pretty pattern, keep up with the dpns and you will be knitting socks in no time!!!!!

Just gettin' around to visiting you here. Geesh, my life has been topsy-turvy. I'm going away for the weekend and now have come down with a cold. Isn't that always the way? Thanks for the compliment on my story. It's all true, too. Amazing, that. I LOVE Galway. I used it for my first adult sweater, back in January or February. How are your mittens coming?

Mike's Hard Limeade?? Ooohh I must go find some of that!
I've been looking at the thrummed mittens a lot lately, but there's NO way I'd wear them here in California. I'll have to live vicariously through you!

That little shawl pattern is so cute! I must finish my flower basket shawl before I am tempted by another one though. Must...be...strong!

DPNs do feel a little bit like porcupine wrestling at first but after you get the hang of them, it's a LOT easier!

Hello fellow thrummer...I look forward to seeing your shawl. I just bought her Garter and lace shawlette last week.I hope to make this fall. I just started my second pair of thrummed mittens. I am using some grey Galway too. Happy thrumming!

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