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august_30_m2august_30_m1It looks like an intent, little knitter to me! Woohoo. My occasional, in-house knitting companion moved to a college dorm yesterday, and look who's pickin' up the slack? It's M!! She asked me if I'd play a game of Skip-Bo last night and then teach her how to knit again; a refresher course. (She won the card game, as usual.) I happened to have a little-used skein of Lion Brand something-thick and cast on 15 stitches; she watched while I knit a row and then I watched while she knit a few stitches. She got her groove back in no time. I went back to Cromarty and she made good progress -- her stitches were pretty consistent in tension and after several rows she still had 15 stitches on the needle. It'll be a scarf. I'll bet she'd love to knit herself a simple tank.

I had so much other stuff to do last night that there wasn't really much knitting progress -- maybe four rows. I wanted to insert pics of my Cascade 220 swatches for St. Brigid today, but I forgot to resize them and they're huge! They sure look pretty... maybe tomorrow.

PFsnaxIt turns out that A did not stay overnight at the dorm with K. They picked up and assembled the loft kit for the bed, hauled boxes, went to lunch, stopped at Target. A was elated to find Pepperidge Farm 3-Cheese Snack Sticks. Someone locally had them once, but we've not been able to find them in months (maybe years), and A just loves them. She loves them so much that they'd be acceptable as a gift.

K feels much better about her roommate this year. Last year, K was given a framed photo in which she was the subject; my sister gave it to her and hoped that her new roomie wouldn't get the idea that K was full of herself if she displayed it in the room. Her roomie had already moved in by the time we arrived and there were lots of pictures, including a huge display on her bulletin board. Was there a single picture displayed that didn't include her?? No. K didn't have to worry one bit! Her roomie this year seems very relaxed and easy-going, not the party girl from last year. Yay.

I've already received an email asking me to bring a few things on Saturday. Topping the list was $50; granted, I owe it to her, but I just had to smile. Of course, money tops the list!



I had one of those roomates too my freshman year of college. Truly a horrid experience that's memory hasn't lessened in the many years since I got out of college. I'm still amazed that I made it through. Having a good roommate the next year made all the difference in the world. I hope everything works out for her this year.


Yea for the refreshed knitter! (What a cutie!) Get her going on something cool mom, keep her interested.: )


I cannot wait to have an adult relationship with my daughter...they are so wonderful! and trying at times! I hope my daughter wants to knit! :)

Those snacksticks are good...:) I agree!

My mom and I used to play Boggle! I still love that game!

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