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Majesty2I received the bill for my Interweave Knits subscription the other day, which is fabulous because things are moving along, but there hasn't been a magazine delivered to my mailbox yet. So when I saw the desired fall issue on a shelf the other day, well, I just had to buy it...

You may have noticed that there was little in the way of knitting content yesterday. I worked a few rows on Cromarty on Wednesday night and just as I was about to wind things up for the night, I found a mistake. I had dropped a stitch between a couple of cables. That would be a fairly easy thing to fix under normal circumstances, but I had just begun a repeat of Chart C where three stitches are made from one on Row 1 and also on Row 2 and those cables are traveling some, too. I believe it's Row 2 where I screwed up. Without really thinking things through, I pulled apart the offending area. With trusty crochet hook in hand, I tried to work up a couple of stitches. This type of exercise is best executed with fresh eyes and clear head; I didn't have either going for me right then... Wisely, I think, I put it away. I am anxious to get back to it, but just didn't have time last night.

MajestyI called my LYS yesterday afternoon to see what the 5:00 plan was; she had to run an errand, but would return to the shop by 5:20 or so. Since there is no parking in front of her store, I parked on a side street where I happened upon a VERY large rummage sale -- perfect for killing time. There were at least a dozen 4x8 sheets of particle board loaded with stuff as well as shelving from top to bottom on the garage walls. I think they've trumped Rummage-O-Rama, and I think all the stuff belonged to just the two guys who were there (compared to the half-dozen or so families that participate in ROR). You see my finds. That's right, I haven't knit a sock or a glove or a mitten or anything that calls for size 1 DPNs, but for 50 cents, I'll be ready. You can see the original price of 39 cents imprinted on the package and it doesn't seem as if they were ever opened or used -- I wonder how old these things are? I think the Majesty is a cutie-pie. And a girl can't have too many cable needles, either; the small one shown is now the smallest one I have. Oh, and I found a little something for my Secret Pal, too. (And I finally got a package in the mail for her!)

BritsI picked up the ball of Calmer that my LYS had set aside for me and then it was all about my Secret Pal. Mostly. Naturally, I can't go into details, but I found a few things that I think she'll like. In the spirit of supporting local business (uh-huh), I bought a pair of Brittany bamboos for myself. It was one of my most enjoyable visits at that shop. There was only one other person there and the classes hadn't begun. It's really tiny and always jammed with boxes and bags of yarn (oh, my), so it's really nice not to have to navigate around a dozen people and all their stuff, too.

I interviewed for a job at an insurance company once where one of my duties would have been transcription. I have never done it, but I've looked into courses in the past (trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up -- still), as well as court reporting and closed captioning. I type like the wind (this, apparently, is one of those days where I'm foaming at the fingertips) and I'm fairly good at the language. As far as court reporting (Hi Norma!), I was most hesitant about learning that keyboard (old dog, new tricks; I know I shouldn't think that way). Anyway, my youngest sister (working on her Ph.D.) has some taped interviews that she needs transcribed and she tapped me. Deadlines are looming and I've been trying to wade through these -- with a boombox in lieu of a transcription machine. (Are you falling off your chair Norma?) Um, ah, I think, well, hmmmm, ya know... I do a little "shorthand" and then go back, listen again, and clean it up. I'm amazed at how I hear things sometimes. I'm glad to do it, but wouldn't do it for anyone other than my very own sister! So, to make a long story even longer, I sacrificed knitting/fixing time for transcription last night.

To make it even more interesting, the kids were going through the record collection at the same time. I was serenaded by Raffi (I didn't even remember buying Raffi LPs!), Meatloaf, and Neil Diamond -- while transcribing... I hope I didn't type anything about paradise by the dashboard lights...

And, finally, I figured out my Secret Pal Concentration clue. Dim, I am, very dim. Al (as in Roker), Ca (as in California), Mi (as in do, re, mi, and as in me). AlCaMi, aka Alchemy (though I'll never spell it correctly again). What a hoot.

Added: I can't believe I'm adding to this insane post already... We're heading to Madison this weekend; shopping tomorrow, Six Flags Great America on Sunday (I got buy one, get one free tickets last night, plus my sis has four free passes, so it'll cost us an average of about $10 each -- vs. $40), and coming home on Monday. Another busy weekend and I won't likely post again 'til Tuesday. We might head up to Dad's next weekend, and then, I HOPE, things will get back to "normal." Wishin' y'all a great weekend.



What a great post! Hope you manage to fix your dropped stitch and I am sure you will.
Good luck with the search for more Calmer and have a great weekend.


I can't wait to start doing complecated cables!! I am sure you'll find a way to fix that dropped stitch. Me--I would just freak out and frog it! Have a great weekend!!


My mom used to do medical transcription. She also types like the wind. (She's my typing hero and I don't think she's ever gotten over the fact that I have to look at the keys while I type.)

Where on the Oregon coast did you live?


Have a great weekend. Good luck with the dropped stitch.


Sheesh, and you say that *I* sound busy? I've got nothing on you! Hee!
Love the rummage sale finds! There's nothing like finding cool old knititng stuff for a song! I have a thrift store near me that sells only fabric/yarn/craft related items and I've found some of the most amazing vintage stuff there. You're all set to knit some socks now! ;)

Hope you enjoy your travels, and get some quality knitting time in too!


That's the main reason why I don't subscribe to magazines any more. I got weak because the stores always got the mag in before I would get mine in the mail. In my opinion...we the people who pay for a subscription should get the magazine FIRST! There, I've said my peace.
Great find at the rummage sale. you come! :-)

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