Dog Days? Hot August Nights?
Stop the insanity


Book club met last night and, as it was the August meeting, we thought it would be nice to go someplace where we could sit outside…being August and all. We chose a place on the north shore of Lake Winnebago – the building has no ambiance whatsoever, but it has a wonderful deck furnished with dining tables right at lake’s edge. Well, it looked like a wonderful deck; I never actually set foot on it. Damn. The high temp yesterday was 61 (plus it was overcast and breezy with an occasional drizzle) – the average is 80!

At least the sun is shining today.

concentrMy Secret Pal is playing games with me – Concentration! It has something to do with alpaca, Al Roker, California, and The Sound of Music (“Do, Re, Mi,” specifically). I haven’t figured it out completely yet. When I was a kid and home from school due to illness (real or – mostly – imagined), I used to love watching game shows on TV. My favorites were “Let’s Make a Deal,” “Password,” and “$25,000 Pyramid.” The downside was that Mom’s cure-all was a big cup of beef bouillon (ick) because that’s what her mother did. And now, though I don’t often catch it, Donny Osmond is the host of “Pyramid.” Oooooh, I loved him; I wonder if his favorite color is still purple.

Anyway, this Secret Pal stuff is a hoot!

So, do you think I only sold stuff at last week’s rummage sale? I did buy a few things, but I’m sure I spent less than $3 total. My haul consisted of two novels, a framed botanical print for “November” (my birthday month), and two out-of-print hardcover books: “The Caner’s Handbook,” by Bruce W. Miller and Jim Widess (1983), and “The Forgotten Crafts: A practical guide to traditional skills,” by John Seymour (1984).

“The Caner’s Handbook” is for reference and, hopefully, will start acting as inspiration or impetus to get some of my nonfunctional chairs fixed.

“The Forgotten Crafts” is full of old photographs and drawings, and has general chapters such as Woodland Crafts, Building Crafts, Crafts of the Field, and Textiles & Homecrafts. Sub-chapters include Rake Making, Thatching, Dry-stone Walling, Coopering, Net Making, Clog Making, Spinning & Weaving, Wool Craft, Cotton Craft, Linen Craft, Silk Craft, and Dyeing. Good general knowledge stuff!



I was spoiled from the beautiful weather we had last weekend. It's been cooler than normal here. Now the tropical storms are heading our way. Rain, rain, rain. We are supposed to get 6 inches in 2 days. Can't wait! LOL

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