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We had a great time at the 15th annual Rummage-O-Rama at my sister's house. There were about a half-dozen parties with substantial inventory to sell, and we were all happy to purge and bring home some cash. There's flow into the St. Brigid fund, and the grrs each made about $45! We'll be heading to Madison this weekend -- a grandkids' portrait shoot on Friday, shopping and painting on Saturday, and a fun day at Six Flags Great America on Sunday -- so there'll be plenty of opportunity for spending!

Food!! Someone brought Blueberry Buckle on Friday morning (freshly baked and still warm!), sis made us a lovely Cobb Wrap and salad for lunch, and since they own a Quizno's, we had "Toasty" subs-to-order for dinner. The grrs made Chocolate Caramel Bars on Saturday, and we had frosted brownies on Sunday. Sis's DH is a sportsman, so we had fresh fish on Sunday night. I may have gained a pound or two.

I did no knitting over the weekend, but I did take out my finished Cromarty sleeve so it could be properly appreciated by both my sister and my niece. Talk about knitting to someone long enough, and they want to do it, too! My sister knit a sweater when she was in college -- she hated it and never tried again. She told me on Sunday that she might like to try again -- felting is intriguing, and she's thinking slippers. That's the second time she's mentioned knitting to me in the past month! Hehehe. I did manage several rows on Cromarty after arriving back home last night.

I phoned home over the weekend, and DH told me that a box had arrived from "S. Pal." I couldn't wait to get home!! The first thing I noticed on the box was that it was stamped "fragile." Hmmm. Fragile yarn?? Nooooo. Look:
It's not yarn, it's dishes!! There are even a couple that are broken, and I couldn't be happier!! They are mostly blue Currier & Ives in various scenes, and one beautiful Blue Willow bowl! These are the best for mosaics because they have a fairly dense, all-over pattern; I like to use the marks on the bottom of the dishes, too, and these are all very decorative. Anyway, I was completely surprised! Obviously, S. Pal has read m'blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Pal4Pal5As you can imagine, I was full of curiosity and anticipation all weekend, and wondered what color my "alpaca" would be! Ha!! My Pal is pretty good at throwing me off track, huh? I do love the unexpected!



What a fabulous, thoughtful secret pal gift. I love your mosaics!


Sounds like you ate some good food at the weekend and what a nice surprise to come home to your secret pal parcel!

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