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KnittingTreeI was finally able to watch the Olympics last night! Too bad the women's gymnastics team stumbled a bit, but it was fun to watch Michael Phelps win gold twice. It was even more fun to listen to my teen-age daughters talk about which type of athlete has the most appealing body. Girls!!

I flew through 8 rows of Cromarty with very few fumbles last night while watching the Olympics. I even had to put it down a few times in order to watch routines or laps. I must have been caught up in the spirit of competition and beating the clock!

What you see at right is some of the stash infusion of the past week. The book and yarn are from The Knitting Tree in Madison; 400 yards of Cyclone, a hand-dyed, 100% rayon from The Great Adirondack Yarn Co., in a colorway called Sienna -- it's beautiful! I intended to use it for Lovlund (recently completed by Wendy), a pattern in the Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton book pictured. Where was my head? What was I thinking? I'd need at least another 100 yards for Lovlund. Aaargh. Also pictured are some DPNs that I bought at my LYS last week; these were originally intended for my Secret Pal, but I've since found something better for her, so (darn) these are now mine. My purchases from Lakeside Fibers are all about the Secret Pal, so I can't show them off yet, except I did buy a set of Brittany cable needles for myself (but forgot to photograph them).

SkyPizza1It was pizza on the porch on Saturday night! On the bottom step, in the red dress, is Twin-K, flanked by my 7yo Opie-look-alike and 14yo nephews; then K and M. Sitting behind them are Twin-S (in overalls), Mom, A (green pants), my niece (who was a blonde 'til last weekend), and me (a very flattering, just-took-a-bite, burning-the-roof-of-my-mouth pose). Standing in the rear are my BIL with his eldest son, and my stepdad.

I imagine it's related to our unusual weather of the past few weeks -- the skies have been beautiful. Why don't I carry my camera more often? This isn't even close to the best we've seen, but it's the one when I had my camera and it gives you a hint.



Very nice stash enhancement. And I love the pizza/porch shot. :) I want that Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton book...I have to see if my LYS will have it.

I see you have the St. Brigid button I made...I have to rework it and get rid of the blurry words. I stink!

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