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It's just my nature

Easy-going. That's me. Ask anyone. It must be the trait that explains why I can put unpleasantness aside; not just put it aside, but practically put it right out of my mind! Could it be forgetfulness??

Admiring my Cromarty progress after Olympian knitting on Tuesday night, and before putting it away, I noticed a boo-boo. Ooops, make that two boo-boos. They had nothing to do with Olympian knitting; in fact, these mistakes have apparently gone unnoticed for many a moon. There are 9-stitch braided cables repeated across the body of the sweater -- maybe six of them -- including one on each side of the main chart. I forgot to do a cross on those two particular, very noticeable, flanking-the-main-chart-cables about sixty-bazillion rows ago. Okay, I exaggerate; but at least 60 rows (I haven't even counted and I don't think I will). [Insert expletive(s) of choice here.]

No mention of that at all yesterday morning, was there? I did recollect, later in the day, that there was an issue with Cromarty -- and I knew I'd have to fix it. But not yesterday. It's do-able, but I just didn't feel like doin' it.

Instead, I set up the swift and ball winder, made two nice balls of Cyclone, did the cast-on for Lovlund, and knit eight or 10 rows. After reading Wendy's details (see yesterday's post/link) and that she used only four balls of Hanna Silk (just a hair over 400 yards if she used up all four completely), I decided that it just might work. This was after I called The Knitting Tree and they didn't find any more in that colorway (but said she'd do some more digging).

I don't like it. I like the pattern, I like the yarn (absolutely LOVE the color); I don't like this pattern in this yarn. It's too slubby. Big slubs at regular intervals -- way more than I thought it had -- and it looks like... well, it's awful. I can just tell that it would get all fuzzy and icky and snagged in a pretty short time, too. M likes it, though, and thought it would make a nice fashion scarf. I might even make it for her for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, I've been doing a little shopping already. I even have Sis-A's and my brother's birthday gifts already -- and they're not 'til January and March, respectively. I think I have enough on my knitting plate with Cromarty (for me), upcoming St. Brigid (for me -- I've joined the knit-along, awaiting word on yarn), the scarf for M (Christmas), and the Flower Basket Shawl (Christmas), so I don't think I'll add anything more to the holiday knitting list.

I can think of two people I know who have "gift closets." They buy stuff all through the year, on sale or whatever, and tuck it away for later gift-giving needs. I have tried to do that to a very small extent, but I often forget about what I buy and find Christmas ornaments on the Fourth of July when I'm looking for sparklers. Sounds like a specific area for this type of activity is important. Do any of you do this sort of thing? Have you any tips for the buying and storing of gifts for later giving? Do you have someone in mind when you buy something, or do you just buy and then figure out who to give it to?



I've tried that gift closet thing too, I just found a bunch of Halloween stuff put aside when I was looking for something last week. Doh!! I sure couldn't find those decorations LAST Halloween!
My problem is that I hide things too well, even from myself!

I'm trying a new thing this year. My local grocery store has a huge rack of gift cards from most of the major stores. I've been buying a few here and there and putting them aside to do my holiday shopping with later. That way I know I'll have a certain dollar amount to spend at Toys-R-Us, or Old Navy or CompUsa, etc. It's sort of like having a lay-away, and if I see something fabulous on sale closer to the holiday season I'll be all set and I wont have to find room in the budget to buy said item.

Another good thing about the gift cards...I know that if I get in a jam and I don't get to a certain store during the holiday season, I can always give the gift card itself as a present!

Oh yes, and I can't use them to buy yarn, so no temptation! Hee!


I hate that feeling when you know you need to frog back so many rows. I'm always thinking - where was my mind some 30 rows ago?

Just curious what "slubby" meant? I've never heard that before, but really like the sound of it.

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