Good news, bad news
My trip to Saturn

I remember how to knit

I finished my hooking gig last night (yay!) and then just had to knit a couple of rows before going to bed! I think it's been almost a week (again) since I knit a stitch on Cromarty. Feels good.

I had a terrific, supportive email from my Secret Pal this morning -- apparently, she's been reading my tale of woe -- and that was so nice. Thank you! I was getting a little miffed because I hadn't heard a thing from the SP that I send things to -- and she should have received a package last week. Well, yesterday I checked the blog that's been set up for nonblogging SPs and there was a note there from her. That made me feel much better. It's a really great thing -- check it out.

Today is my day off! I haven't had a Wednesday (the "usual") off in ages. A & I are going to Saturn this morning. We thought we'd play on the rings... er, she'll get new brake pads and I'll get new engine mounts and something about an intake valve. Anyway, K is coming with us and Mom is meeting us and we'll all go to an estate-type sale. Maybe lunch. I haven't spent much time with Mom recently, so it's good.



Have a great day off--Saturn is lovely this time of year.

So glad to hear that your cables are back together again!


ohhh we must be on the same wave length...I almost stayed home today! Enjoy it!!!! :)


Hope you had a great day off. I only have one more package to send off to my secret pal and then it's done. I did join SP3. I just love giving and recieving gifts!! :-)
Are you going to join SP3?


Glad to hear that Cromarty is progressing again! Hope your trip to Saturn wasn't *too* pricey! Car repairs certainly cut into the yarn budget!


A. Mazing.
I could never do that hook job. I have a crossed cable about a mile back, and I can't even dream of going back for it. You rock! :)

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