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First, the knitting news. Today's headline? There's not much. I took A to dinner at Arby's, where K was working, then spent some time paying bills and junk. M was over at a friend's, so that meant I had dog duty, too; it was a very nice evening for a walk. DH returned from a quick visit with his relatives in extreme NW Wisconsin just as I returned, so caught up on all the news from the northland. I didn't sit down with Cromarty until nearly 9:00. I got a little start on the third repeat of the main chart while watching "Jesus, Mary, and Da Vinci" on 20/20, having read and enjoyed The Da Vinci Code earlier this year. I continued knitting through part of the local news. Whooping Cough is bad 'round here; there are over 800 confirmed cases in Wisconsin so far this year, and that's double last year's number for the entire year.

I'll be heading to my sister's in NW Wisconsin (not quite as extreme as DH's trip) after work tonight with the grrs. It's Rummage-O-Rama, an annual event that my sister hosts -- complete with potluck lunch on Saturday. It's always been more about socializing than selling for my sis, though I'm told that the word of the week at their house is "purge"! My earnings will be put into the St. Brigid fiber fund. I may not be back 'til Tuesday and don't know if I'll be bloggin'.

I had the cutest e-card in my mailbox this morning from my Secret Pal! It featured a photo of really cute alpacas in the Peruvian highlands. Do you suppose this is a clue, or is it just 'cuz they're so darn cute? It featured this quote from John Muir: When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world. And my SP wrote, "Obviously spoken by a prolific knitter on the topic of yarn." Thank you!

I love alpacas! There is something that reminds me of giraffes (my most favorite animal). And in the makes-no-difference-to-anyone department, my mom has been to Peru with my stepdad to visit his mother who was living there.

I'm not sure I need to do it, but since Heidi made this wonderful page and sent us all an email about it, I thought I'd answer the questions -- just in case more info is needed or y'all have a hankering to know.

1. I don't think I'm a yarn snob, but I do prefer natural fibers; I've used some Lion Brand yarn recently, but it's been AGES since I've had any Red Heart.

2. I don't spin; I only crochet trim and things. Not that I wouldn't ever crochet, there's just so much to knit!

3. No known allergies.

4. I first learned to knit when I was 6. I knit for a few years while in my 20s. Picked it up again a few years ago (now in my 40s). And I'm a lap-knitter (which means long, straight needles are preferred).

5. I might have an Amazon wish list; if I do, it's woefully outdated.

6. Mmmmmm. Lavender. I like to grow it, too; and pansies. I have a collection of pansy stuff -- mostly old prints and postcards.

7. All of my teeth have a taste for the sweet -- chocolate (any shade of brown)!

8. I putz with a few other crafts; in recent years, counted cross-stitch samplers (teeny stitches on linen) and mosaics; I like to garden, research family history, work on our old house.

9. I like most types of music; not so keen on rap, grunge, newer country.

10. Don't like pastels or really bright colors for myself. Greens, muted or with a name like "lichen," are good, neutrals, rich blues and reds/maroon, even gold (but don't like orange or yellow).

11. I'm married with 3 kids (ages 19, 17, 13), two cats, and a beagle pup.

12. I'd like to travel. DH would drive a not-too-big motorhome as we explore the coast of *anywhere there's a coast* while I knit and enjoyed the scenery. We'd stop now and then to let the breeze blow through our hair, and at LYSs and antique shops (no room in the motorhome, so we'd just be lookin'). I'd also like to take two cruises -- the Inland Passage/Alaska and the Mediterranean. And other stuff...

So, there you go. All you *needed* to know and then some. Y'all have a GREAT weekend!



interesting stuff !i think you would be fun to shop for ;0)


Hope you make lots of money for the St Brigid fund, and have a fun weekend with your sisters.


Great list! Have fun this weekend....

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