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Good news, bad news

The good news is that I finished the fixing of the second and last cable last night!

The bad news is that I completely ripped out the first one again!

No remorse. It had to be done. Cromarty looks just like it did in yesterday's post! I had a very strong feeling, as I finished that cable, that it wasn't right and confirmed my suspicions last night. I'm hooking back up to a point where the next row that's actually knit will require use of a cable needle (a fourth row in the 4-row plan), but when I finished hooking that first cable, it didn't end on a fourth row. The problem started all the way back at the very beginning -- I was off by one stinkin' row.

I didn't swear, I didn't even get very crabby; I shrugged my shoulders and ripped it all out again.

Pay attention, pay attention, pay attention!! If there isn't a good foundation, what you build up from there is going to be crap, too.

I am getting to be a pretty good hooker!



heh. very funny, that last line.
not a big fan of the frog. I am soosososo tired of ripping out rows (darned audrey), I can only imagine THE cable again!

Sending some good knitting karma to you!

Is it just me, or is Saint Louis Food Group the thing you miss most!?


Secret Pal

Isn't incredible how easy it is to get distracted sometimes. Despite the best of intentions all the sudden you realize you've been knitting what you should have purled, purled what you should've knitted and yes managed to skip an entire row completely. How quickly and how often we get to use the patience that knitting teaches us :-)

I admire your fortitude,
S. Pal

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