Pal mail

Dog Days? Hot August Nights?

It feels like September, at least, maybe even October. Crazy. I wear my Birkie sandals for as long as I can every year; yes, even with socks. They're the most comfortable footwear for me; I've tried ordering shoes, but either the fit or the look is wrong. So, Birkies with socks, and I don't care. I should have worn socks today -- mid-August. Craaaazy.

There's more about feet. I used to have a job where I was on my feet almost all the time, and I was fine. More recently, I've been on my butt a lot more, and my feet let me know that they're not used to as much action as they had over the weekend. I sweet-talked M into giving me a foot massage on Saturday night (she gives wonderful back massages -- very long, thin fingers and a nice touch!). Heavenly. And while at Target the other day, I picked up a tube of exfoliating foot stuff. Wow, that felt good. A pedicure would seem to be the next logical step, huh?

Not much knitting news; a few more rows on Cromarty last night. Plugging away. My evening was occupied more with grocery shopping and laundry and feeding hungry kids. DH has been in Madison since Monday, helping with some bathroom remodeling; he'll be home today.

I had another nice e-card from my Secret Pal this morning. What in the world is she up to?? I must get a little package out to my pal this week!



Octobery is exactly what it's like here today too. (Michigan) It's so not right.


UGH, I'd love some fall-like weather. It was 95 here yesterday! But, as they say..."It's a dry heat"! Somehow that's supposed to make me feel better, but I'm not sure why :)
It's hard to even THINK about knitting in weather like this!

What a fabulous gift from your secret pal! I love those dishes. How convenient that some of them are pre-broken! It saves you the work!


A pedicure! Now THERE'S a great idea.

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