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Do you live in Chicago-land? If so, that screaming you heard on Sunday afternoon, from the direction of Six Flags Great America, was me. It was good, fun screaming! There were 10 of us in all -- Sis-A, Twin-S and Twin-K, Twin-K's three kids (17, 14, 7), me and my three kids (19, 17, 13). It was all I could do to keep up with my 14-year-old nephew!! We started off the day by riding The Demon, followed by the Giant Drop (I had a lovely view of Chicago -- when my eyes were open -- and that's most likely when you'd have heard me scream) -- the 7-year-old nephew went on that one TWICE! We also rode the Raging Bull, American Eagle, Logger's Run and Roaring Rapids (got drenched on those last two), the double-decker Carousel, and the Trailblazer. It's likely that I'm forgetting a few. The Trailblazer (giant covered wagon that goes round and round) had to be stopped and re-started because of Sis-A's unauthorized use of a camera! She got yelled at on the Carousel, too (twice), for leaving her horse too early. Hehehe. It was a great weather day and the park wasn't as busy as we'd expected.

To backtrack, we all met in Madison on Friday night. Sis-A had won a gift certificate a while back from a photo studio, and decided to have a portrait of all the "grandkids" (consisting of the six above, plus her two stepsons, ages 19 & 16). I can't wait to see the proofs!

Saturday was crazy in Madison -- there's a big shift in housing accommodations in readiness for the beginning of the new school year. Sis-A and her husband own a big, 2-unit Victorian, and we (Mom and her husband joined us on Saturday) all provided labor -- painting, cleaning, laying new flooring -- in the 24-hour window between tenants. It was a blast.

I started my day in a much more pleasant way, however, with leisurely visits to two yarn shops -- The Knitting Tree and Lakeside Fibers. The Knitting Tree was small-ish, but well-stocked and abuzz with activity. They were the Rowan dealer but, alas, very limited selection of Calmer and none in my color. I did not leave empty-handed. Lakeside Fibers was on the list with St. Brigid in mind. It's a lovely store -- roomy and well-organized (the Lake Room was my favorite). They are checking availability of Cascade 220 in a specific color and quantity; I'd like to try that for St. B because I just don't like the feel of Soft Shetland so much. Alas, I did not leave there empty-handed, either. Pics tomorrow (except SP2 stuff!).

I looked through Twin-S's stash with her and she really has some lovely stuff. I snagged some Donegal Tweed -- plentiful leftovers from an autumn-colored, leafy-design sweater kit she made for Mom some years ago. I'm thinking a stripey, scrappy cardigan would be fun!

I took some time during the Green Bay Packers first preseason game last night (they lost, but I won the office pool!) to try and fix Cromarty. The spot-fix just wasn't working out, so I ended up ripping about a half-dozen rows and now I'm two rows away from where I was last Wednesday night when I first discovered the mistake! If I'd dropped that stitch on any other row, it would have been easy to fix, but I just couldn't wrap my head around the increases on the first two rows and how it translated on the needles.

It was a busy and hectic, but FUN, weekend. I am definitely looking forward to the upcoming weekend -- at home!



Oh, I feel a little seasick, just thinking about those rides.... glad you had fun!

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