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The long and winding road...

...from Barnes & Noble shipping to my door! I placed my order on the 8th or 9th. You may recall that A wanted The Notebook, and she couldn't find it locally -- at the time. Since there was free shipping on orders over $25, I found a couple of books to order for myself. On the 10th, it was in York, PA; on the 12th, St. Paul, MN; on the 16th, finally shipped from St. Paul -- via Jacksonville, FL; back to St. Paul again by the 26th; and finally delivered to my door yesterday, the 27th. Well-traveled, huh? A day from St. Paul to my door? Seems to me we could have skipped the trip to Florida and I'd have had my books on the 13th.

Meanwhile, M found a copy of The Notebook and read it; A took it up afterwards and finished days and days ago, and now we have an extra, unneeded copy...

Guess what I got?! I already stuck 'em over in my sidebar... Best of Knitter's: Arans & Celtics and Patterns for Guernseys, Jerseys & Arans by Gladys Thompson. I drooled all over Arans & Celtics last night, as I'm still without actual knitting. I even held a skein of the superwash on my lap and considered casting on -- for what, I don't know! I managed to exercise restraint and am looking forward to a future project -- the tough part will be choosing, I love almost all of them!

My knitting will come home tonight!



I'd like to make Wondrous Woven Cables. I just can't decide if I should make it for myself or finally knit something for my husband.


Hee! It looks like we've both been tracking packages all over the place! Long and winding road indeed! Enjoy your new books!

Going back a couple of posts, I'm so glad to hear that your sister is in a safe place. Give her a hug and tell her that others admire her bravery!


Hope everything settles down for you and your sister. Life is so much simpler when it revolves around knitting. But our yarn gets tangled up sometimes, just like our lives. Pick out the knots and move forward.

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