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Several loads of laundry later, the laundry basket is almost back to its normal overflow level. Our crazy weather (wet & cool) doesn't allow for line-drying, so sleeping bags will have to wait. DH did the grocery store run while I ran 20 miles up the highway with Mom yesterday to search for a deli for which we had very vague directions and not even the name. We found it, as evidenced by the containers of yummy chicken salad that came home with us. She'd had some at a recent gathering and scoring some was yesterday's mission. Mmmm, it's made with dried cranberries and pine nuts, and I'm going to have to find or try to replicate the recipe!

The modified Galway hat met with the approval of my youngest sister over the weekend -- and she requested one for Christmas. She wears hats a lot and it looks so cute on her, I will likely fulfill her wish. I forgot to copy the directions for making the braided tassel from Aran Knitting, so have been figuring out how to do that. I've made one attempt, and it's okay, but I think I can do better.

I worked just a little on Tasha yesterday. Had to rip a few rows after finding a mistake. You'd think I could do that cable blindfolded... I've also been playing around with the Calmer. I still have two sleeves and half a body piece for Audrey knit up -- haven't ripped 'em yet -- but if this new idea works out, they will be sacrificed. All the finished Audreys look so lovely and I do love it, but I'm still leaning toward making a $100 sweater that I'd have more occasion to wear than that one.

In gardening news (briefly), we have FOXGLOVE! I bought yet another pot last year -- one last chance to get some going -- and we have flower stalks. Two of them -- one white and one purple. They are small, but they're there! That stuff grew all over the place when we lived in Oregon and it's so lovely. The rose mallow is blooming nicely, as is the lavender, and there's one healthy hollyhock that will soon be blooming. I haven't even walked down to the back garden since we got home because it's been so wet; I think the weather will improve this afternoon, so perhaps after work.



i like hollyhock too.try to get a pic for us i love looking at garden pics!


Glad your foxglove is doing well! Mine just finished blooming. It loves the coastal weather here in our part of CA. It blooms under the darned walnut tree too!

Hope you get some knittng time in today as a reward for doing all that laundry!

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