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Does something seem familiar?

My heartfelt thanks to all of you for your kind sentiments. The circle of life can be bewildering sometimes, but it is what it is.

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Thanks to Purling Swine. I love my Japanese name!!

AudreyCromartyCromartySleeveWhat's going on here? Something seems familiar, but one of these things is definitely not like the other! Oh, where shall I begin?

Though I haven't struggled too much with the knitting of Audrey (and really rather enjoyed it), it became more clear with each completed row that she wasn't a sweater I would likely wear much. It's a beautiful sweater (check out all the finished ones!) and I admire the design, but it's not for me. I'm joining Norma and Bonne Marie (May 18) in the termination of Audrey (are there any others?). I haven't frogged yet, but I have commenced on something new with the Calmer...

May I present Audrey C. Cromarty. This is really a bit of an experiment. Okay, a lot of an experiment, coupled with a Bad-Ass attitude and a blind, work it out on-the-fly determination. I fiddled around with the charts for Cromarty to make both the body and the sleeves narrower. (Yeah, that was me, scarcely a month ago, learnin' to read a chart...) I couldn't wait for the yarn I ordered for this sweater, so thought I'd "just see" what would happen with the Calmer, being handy in the knitting pot and all. (Maybe there'll be enough of the other stuff for St. Brigid.)

SleeveCableSleeveDetail1I have to say, I'm not unhappy. I would never have thought of cables with Calmer had I not taken a peak into the Calmer book at my LYS one day. I think this is the type of cabling to do with Calmer, though, lots and LOTS, very busy; a single cable or even a repeat pattern of small, simple cables would be "bleh." I sure wish this was touch-o-vision -- this feels so yummy, like a sweater I could live in!

I have some hurdles. I've made a few mistakes and still have to correct a correction. I'm getting the stitch gauge I want, but the row gauge is off, and that will require more fiddlin'. I may not have enough yarn (I'll have to check with my LYS. Norma, we should talk dye lots...). It's a challenge to try and make it work, and I'm up for it. What do you think? What's your gut reaction -- like it? love it? hate it? she's wasting her time?



love it!you can never go wrong doing cables!


Love it. You go girl, and remember that the schematic is going to be very, very useful if you have troubles with row gauge.


I'm all for anything cabled as well. It's worth the effort.


Love it! Check out your bad-ass self!


Love, love, love all those cables, can't wait to see it all worked out.


OooOOooOooOoo! Yes!
More cables, LOVE it!

I have yet to get my envious hands on any Calmer, but that looks lovely!


Wow, I'm feelin' the love! Thanks to all of you for your encouragement. I'm feeling happy and free and confident -- and pretty sure that my Bad Ass self will prevail over the Dumb Ass. Thanks again; you guys are terrific!


Yeah! Love it Girl! And yes, isn't Calmer wonderful in cables? And it makes a very warm, yet light and drapey fabric. My cables are WAY simpler than yours, but it is SO working. I love the way the top is working so much, and my husband commented on loving it too -- that I'm giving some thought to trying to add sleeves to it to make a glorious sweater. NOW we're talkin' an expensive garment that is WORTH the money. But definitely if I have any left over, you are welcome to it. The dyelot on mine is 30F3. So glad all that Audrey B.S. is behind me, aren't you?


Holy cow. I bow, I really do. Can't wait to see this one all done....

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