Anthropologie at home & Cromarty
One hundred

I fixed my Cromarty sleeve chart last night. I’ve had a scanner at home for years and I sure love the copy feature! I did a little knitting, also, but A was watching VH1’s “I Love the ‘90s” and I couldn’t help but be sucked into that – to the extent that I had to put down the knitting. I was a little annoyed by all the bleeping – I’m not a prude, and can bleep along with the best, but I found it quite distracting.

K has the day off and her 6 a.m. breakfast date was changed to a 5 p.m. meet-up, so I think she’ll be thrifting today. She’s on the hunt for more buttons and for a cardigan with a placket, more similar to the cardi pictured in the Anthropologie catalog. I’ll have to let her know that I found my stash of other/better buttons last night.

Still waiting on my most recent order from Elann – I hope it will arrive today; I did opt for the slow, cheap shipping, so must be patient. It’s wool and long DPNs. Wool + Long Needles = Happiness.

Hope you have a little happiness on your doorstep today, too!



My order came! I didn't opt for the slow way and had it in two days! It was a bit of'll see it tomorrow.


No post today, am waiting for some yarn from patternworks and a book from kangeroo, think they are both swimming and walking here!
Hope K managed to find another cardi, I miss thrift shop shopping here.


By the way, I stole your button. You can take a look on my blog. Very nice! Congrats on your new job. It sounds like a fun and exciting job.

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