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LazyThis is what most of our Fourth of July weekend was like. If I had a picture of Mickey eating, you'd get an idea of what we did the rest of the time. The weather could have been a bit more cooperative -- it was a bit rainy on Saturday and chilly most of the time -- but it was just right for playing SkipBo (a card game cousin to Uno) or sitting 'round the campfire. The kids went out in the paddleboat or rowboat a couple of times and they even did a little swimming, but there was no waterskiing or tubing.

I was a little nervous about taking Mickey up north with us. My dad has had some wonderful dogs, all well-behaved and obedient, and I wasn't sure how Mickey would behave -- her first road trip and so many people. She was a sweetheart! We also learned that, like many dogs, she's not a big fan of fireworks.

DH and M took a hike with Dad and they found an area that was apparently used as an informal dump. You know what's coming, dontcha? They found some old broken dishes -- some nice designs and marks -- and old bottles.

The badminton net was never unfurled. That's unheard of for a weekend like this! We usually play informally, but a few years ago, there was a full-blown double-elimination tournament that was eventually called because of a lack of light and the two finalists being named co-champions. We decided that we need a do-over, so we're all checking our calendars and hoping for another get-together at the end of August. Maybe the weather will be more cooperative in terms of watersports, too.

PhildarMarkersUpon our return, I had mail from France! I received this package as a thank you for sending a copy of the Interweave Knits article about knitting styles to Yvette. She -- and all of her aunts -- knit "weird," like me! Since then, we've both been intrigued by the number of weird (aka, right-handed or lap-) knitters standing up to be counted! Anyway, this gift is way too generous as a thank you for some photocopies! There are a couple of skeins of Phildar, some homemade, beaded stitch markers, some lovely soap, and some terrific samples for the grrs! Thank you, thank you, thank you Yvette.

The only knitting I did all weekend was a couple of hours in the car on Saturday and for about 15 minutes upon our return home last night. I have a few inches of the cabled strap for the Tasha bag on the needles. It's the same cable that I used on the modified Galway hat.

I'm off on an outing with Mom this afternoon, then it's back to work for the rest of the week.



You are very welcome for your parcel, I appreciated you taking the time out to send me the copies of the article, which I enjoyed reading.
Glad you had a good weekend.


Overall, it sounds like a great weekend. I saw a mosaic book at Michaels yesterday--and thought of you. :) What a lovely parcel from Yvette. Those stitch markers are beautiful.

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