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We have a Cromarty sleeve! Wow, that was fun. I finished it on Saturday night; I didn't cast off, but rather put the stitches on a holder -- I have a feeling that it may be a tad long and a few rows will need to be ripped when it comes time to put it together. I used just a teeny bit over two balls of Calmer for one sleeve, so I think I will need a ball or two more for the whole sweater -- it would make me feel better to have it, anyway! I cast on last night -- twice -- 184 stitches for the front/back. That's a lot of stitches on the needle and, yes, easily miscounted. The second time, I cast on based on the number of stitches needed for each chart repeat and put a marker between. I knit 3 or 4 rows before removing the markers altogether and had 6 rows completed by the time I put it down for the night.

I also knit a "swatch" for St. Brigid over the weekend, using the Norwegian Superwash wool that I received from Elann last week. I've never used a superwash before, and I'm still unsure. It has a funny feel and a sheen that I'm not crazy about. I knit most of a swatch as suggested in the book, then cast on a few more stitches and knit a repeat of chart C. The superwash is a very dark green, and I wanted to see how the stitch pattern would show up. Then I washed the swatch and set it out to dry. It's a little better after washing, but I'm thinking I'll probably use something else for St. Brigid. That is such a gorgeous sweater, and I'm so looking forward to knitting and wearing it; it's going to be made with something I love!

I went to a farmer's market on Saturday and had a blast. The weather over the weekend was perfect for such activities. We had fresh corn and artichokes on Saturday night! Our season isn't long enough for artichokes, but these were locally grown in a greenhouse. They were teeny (M scoffed at their size and wondered "why bother?"), but YUM. The corn was delicious, too. I also bought a pound of beans, a quart of Michigan blueberries, and some tomatoes. There's a picture of my bounty in the camera, along with a snap of the above-mentioned swatch, but I didn't have time to get 'em ready for the blog.

Pics tomorow!



I'm reading along, excited about your cable-y Cromarty sleeves, and then you mentioned something I love even more than cables--artichokes!! My husband is so-so about them, so I always buy enough for him just so I can eat his share. Do you have a favorite dipping sauce?


Superwash does wash up nicer than it feels before hand.


I thought I was going to use some Rowan wool/cotton for my Cromarty but now I'm enchanted with your Calmer version. How many total skeins do you think you'll need? Did you find it hard to get the gauge called for or does Calmer lend itself to manipulating with smaller needles? I'm barely getting gauge with the wool/cotton on size 3 bamboo needles. I'm loving watching your progress and reading about your beautiful girls (I have 3 also) and life in WI!


Forgot to mention that I have the Jamieson Shetland in my stash for St. Brigid (supposed to be the same yarn used in AK - just manufactured under another name) and although I haven't swatched I already love the yarn! It has a wonderful "true" hand. It's not a superwash and is very light yet rich and textural.


Artichokes + plain ol' butter = Mmmmm.

I've decided that the superwash will be used for something other than St. Brigid. I like it much better after washing, but going for love right off the bat with this one.

I figure 2+ skeins for each Cromarty sleeve = 5; at least 4+ skeins for front & back = 9. 5+9=14. I have 10, so would like at least 4 more. I'd be happier with 5 or 6 more.

I have the same stitch gauge for Cromarty as called for, but am getting 9.5 rows per inch rather than 8.5. I am knitting the Calmer rather tightly on US6 needles. I do not want a belly-baring sweater (that one seems short-ish to begin with), so all my copying, cutting & pasting with the charts the past couple of weeks is to come up with the solution to adding another repeat or whatever it takes without compromising the charted designs. It's the kind of insane challenge I like to take on every now and then.


Hmmm, According to my pattern the row gauge is not quite 8 per inch so more yarn would be good. I hope you can find the same dye lot. I found a source that states Rowan DDK was 125 yards per skein so that would be just under 1900 yards. I just ran out and bought 12 skeins of Silky Wool (190 yds) so I'm hoping that'll be enough (I'm short) and it'll work well with the pattern. Now to swatch and try to squish it down to gauge! I'm still going to get some Calmer even if this Silky Wool works for Cromarty. I love your color!

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